As with all the pages in this section We are not going to go into great detail on how to accomplish all the tasks needed for an Online business. There is no need for that. Things change all the time and all we intend to do here is give you the latest and the most complete info in a very concise package. Listen carefully, this could save you thousands. If you attend a free lunch or seminar to get your online business going, don’t believe everything they tell you. Don’t believe that you will soon be making major bank deposits with your computer in just a few hours a day, You won’t, unless of course you tap into something that IS lucrative and in that case it will probably be doing something unsavory (web porn) or marginally illegal (selling drugs like viagra). Or if you are looking for a good way to cheat people in cyberspace then I’m afraid that we just can’t help you. There are already too many scammers and spammers on the telephone, TV and the Web.

If your heart IS in the right place and all you want to do is keep up with the modern day and establish a form of digital income then here’s what you need to know. The vast majority of the things that they will try to sell you at the seminars or online business starter organizations are (according to them) very expensive, but that’s just not true. Most of that stuff is free and if you don’t learn how to use it and obtain it you will be taken advantage of mercilessly. If you do happen to be helpless and hopeless then try contacting us and we will help you out for a reasonable and honest cost.

You don’t need a business licence to get started so don’t run down to city hall and register your widget business right off, no matter what anyone tells you. Try to sell a few widgets first and if you succeed then get a licence. That goes for tax licences and everything else related. It could take you a year to set everything up and then you might only sell one so the city fathers aren’t going to haul you into court until you make at least your first few thousand.

Don’t believe that you need some fancy software because it’s all here on Rufus for free. We don’t even have to give it to you. We’ll give you some but mostly just point you in the proper direction and these things are all fully tested and as good or better than anything offered anywhere on the web. Click on the software link.

Don’t believe that you need a special business account for on-the-web transactions. You just need a Visa card and a FREE paypal commercial account. Seminar hype cheats will charge you a grand for this and it’s useless until you get into the big bucks catagory and at that time your accountant will be making the decisions. Set your business up on a tiny budget because the chances of you selling any service or goods on the web are almost non-existent. Those that advertise on TV that so-and-so made thousands per day are a scam. You will be required to sell overpriced trinkets on line or worse and the money to be made is when you order your first load of trinkets. They make the money, not you.

Don’t believe that you can’t do your own web pages because you can and we’ll show you how. If you really DO have a serious problem with computers then you would be better off to enlist a friend to help or even hire someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t charge eighty bucks an hour. Many young people are very able to learn the skills that you need and you can learn them that way too, from them. Your business plans will most likely fail anyway’s just as most do in real life. Few businesses last much longer than five years until they fall apart so keep that in mind and don’t go into hock for nothing.

We aren’t trying to discourage you. Computers and online business is tons of fun if it suits you and the best thing to do is find that out first before you blow the inheritance on scammers. They will promise you everything because that’s what they do. You can learn to do that too if you want but please don’t call us for help because liars are the bane of life and we despise dishonesty of any sort.

Ok that covers software, business and tax licences, online business account, writing and maintaining your webpage, illegal or dishonest scammers, the odds of success and seminars. If you still want to go for it then do so but remember that you should always be having fun because if you don’t it’ll just get worse.

There are a few other topics that we will cover as they come up. One of them is called spidering. Web businesses will attempt to convince you that you need their service to make your site available to the public. This is very true but can’t happen overnight and they can do very little to help you. Just remember that first you need a proper website that is designed to be found by the Google and other search engines and then you need to introduce it to them. You can pay a fortune for this service but in the end you will have to wait until your site works it way up the hierarchy anyway and that might take years.

Lets take an example like a site that wants to sell fishing services and equipment. Worldwide you might not stand much of a chance competing with the big boys but if there isn’t a service in your specific area that would fit, then you could build it into something worthwhile. You would have to get in contact with all the resorts in your area that gave guided tours or fishing trips and talk them into paying for a listing on your site. That way when a potential tourist clicks on ’Fishing North’ he can see where all the best spots are and all the services that are available and the services will be obliged to advertize on your site or be left out. This will still take a few years to build up and work it’s way up in the Google search engine.

Hosting is another topic you will have to learn about. Your website needs space in cyberspace to exist but that costs very little. You should pay about $30 per month and no more. Remember all the extras that they advertize are useless unless you actually know what they are and if you do you can probably get them free.

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