~~~~~How to Make a SiteMap Templates Here~~~~~

On each Html page Learn to click on ’View’ then ’Source’, Highlight Code needed and ’Copy’.

What the heck are Snippets and Templates?

Both are pretty much the same thing. Snippets are just sections of code that can be copied and pasted to the page you are building at the time. It’s a good idea to save all your snippets in a folder that is handy and throw away the old ones regularly and update your favorites. Templates are complete pages of html and may contain buttons, meta tags, charset, doctype, sample style blocks, sample gallery blocks and even Frames. (Press ’Editor’ button at top for descriptions of those elements)

Some people believe that websites can be constructed using templates in just a matter of hours and to some extent this is quite true. The whole idea has some drawbacks; You need to know enough about html to be able to fill in the blanks with the appropriate pictures and text and the other main problem is that you must be satisfied with the appearance of the template in the first place. Examples of free templates are listed below with downloadable zips.


1. Create a new folder on your PC and call it whatever you want.

2. Open the zip folder you just downloaded. This contains all the template files you need. Copy and paste all files
inside into the folder you just created.

Leave the folder structure "as is". So inside your new folder, you should have an index.html file, a CSS folder
(for most) and an images folder.

3. Open your HTML editor of choice.  Feel free to use this free editor .

4. Use the "File", "Open" command and navigate to your new folder where the template files are stored.

5. Open the file named index.html (rename the files below to index.html so they will work as your homepage index.

6. Now you can begin editing and customizing the template to your liking.

The Templates below are free on the web and there are thousands more at a variety of other sites. ’Google’ Free Templates or use the ones below. This is also the place where we keep our templates, feel free to use them.

Free Template Wildlife - FW268.zip    http://www.2createawebsite.com

Free Template My Page - FW271.zip    http://www.2createawebsite.com

Free Template Car Design - FW274.zip    http://www.2createawebsite.com

Free Very Simple Index - http://www.templatesbox.com

Computer Design Template - Here

The Snippets below are the common ones that we use in the RR and NS site and this is the place that we save them. Help yourself by clicking on ’View’ then ’Source’, highlight, copy and paste.

Asymmetrical Tables    Snippet

Embedding Sound on a page    Snippet

Using a Table within a Fieldset    Snippet

Our usual Gallery Thumbs    Snippet

Internal Navigation on a Page    Snippet

Our Navigation Block at the bottom of a Page    Snippet

Page Not Open Yet    Snippet

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