Keeping the Plexi Case clean inside proved to be the big drawback to 
having the sheer beauty of a see-through box. Two fans in and two out were tried first but that left a 
negative pressure in the case and all the extra holes still drew dust in. So three fans with 
mini-vacuum cleaners on them were set to blow in and a fourth to blow out. It works Good! 
Periodically cleaning is still needed because over time a sort of fog builds up inside but there are no dust particles on the fans or Cpu.
Use foam carpet tape to attach a black painted peanut butter jar lid to the fan areas. Cut everything out with a Dremel.
Use anti-static cloths as filters. The wood stove in the winter makes the filters dirty in about four days but they 
are just put on with elastics so they are easy to change. Take an old black leather jacket and cut it up into 1/2 inch wide 
strips to wind onto the wires (suede side out) and end them with a zip tie. That way all the wires vanish. Polish all the 
metal parts. Use metallic fans with colored leds. The assembly pix of the Aptiva were just a fun thing for the pix.
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