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Information for parsing text found on the web (Parse means to make html conform with standards of W3)

(1) Highlight the text found in the web and ’copy’ it.

(2) Open the Html editor and paste on a template document if there is one.

(3) ’Extended replace’ a `mark (the comma below the ~) with ’&rsquo ;’ to make sure there isn’t any left (don’t forget to check ’skip tags while searching’ or the java will be screwed).

(4) Put a that type of comma at the beginning of every paragraph or separate sentence. Use this method to put a lot of similiar tags in a variety of places on one or more docs at once (the advantage over ’copy and paste’ or ’macro’ is that you only need to place the cursor and click with one key to make the locations).

(5) ’Extended replace’ the comma with «/p»«p class="p"» or whatever your .css requires. (the reason for the «/tag» first is it will wind up at the end of the previous chapter or sentence but don’t forget to have the extra tags at the beginning and end of the text in the template).

(6) Keep on validating the document untill you have removed all special characters and other parsing errors. (this step can be left until there is many html docs if you chose).

(7) Place the ’title’ on the doc and ’code sweep’ it and save as: ’whatever.html’.

(8) If you also save in ’plain text’ with no background then do so now.

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