As mentioned in a variety of other places We are available to do work both in a voluntary fashion and under contract. Html Services are offered as assistance to non-profit persons or organizations and all that is required is that an email or telephone request be made. If the project is considered worthwhile then We can help out. If your not-for-profit organization has a budget for html then we would expect to be remunerated accordingly. Fair is fair. Long term non-profit work would depend largely on how valuable to humanity we felt it to be. We do not like to take advantage of anyone and we expect that ideal to be reciprocal. Obviously this is not a blanket offer to everyone and anyone for full or part-time voluntary work. We do take on projects from time to time, mostly personal page work and we simply help individuals to get rolling.

If there is a commercial venture that requires webmaster services then likewise We are ready to begin on a moments notice. Please do not ask for pricing on projects or even estimates because we just don’t do things that way. If you have a specific operation in mind then make an offer and We will create a working contract over time. Html isn’t the kind of thing that proper estimates can be given. Companies that do give pricing are just taking advantage of the customer and generally attempt to overcharge as much as possible. Consider what you think is fair and begin a short term relationship with us that can grow.

You can consider the cost initially to be about $20 per hour for commercial work which is about 1/3 to 1/5 the normal fee but we aren’t greedy here and enjoy the job. You can see by the type of webpage’s that are shown here we are not as commercially oriented as you might like but could adapt to any type of html required. We would be best employed by organizations that are starting out on a limited budget or established business’s that are tired of being overcharged for webmaster services. Once your page is up and running it needs to be serviced on a daily basis and larger business’s on an hourly basis. An art, historical or informational page only needs a monthly or weekly update by the webmaster.

We also provide free informational service on the development and requirements of a home page as you can see by the buttons above. It costs you nothing to email us and enquire about anything at all and if you need some specific help we will put it online so you can refer to it whenever you need to. You can call 1 807 683-3471


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