What is the Root of all Evil - Tina

1) Evil is not allways a conscious act.

2) Animals do what is necessary but humans often do what is unecessary.

3) What is considered evil is completely arbitrary

4)We act with instinct plus emotion and intellect.

5) Animals claim and protect their space. The human treats space as something more than a spacial area.

We are so close now to the root of Evil (two steps away)

I’ll disclose the first step that leads straight to the tree of JUDGEMENT

Judgement = Knowledge of what is good and knowledge of what is bad.

But we have discovered that so called "good and bad" are arbitrary - and our ultimate knowledge of good and bad is flawed. ALL judgement defaces life.

(But there is an alternative to judgement which will be revealed)

The Bible Story of the Fall is a metaphor for Psychological "Reality"

What was Adam and Eve’s first judgement when they ate from Tree of Knowledge? (Remember the alternative tree was the Tree of Life)

"naked - natural god given state of body = BAD"

And God is cited as saying "Who told you that you were naked? (read as "Where did you get the idea there was a problem with your appearance) God immediately realises this can only be a symptom of Knowledge Good and Bad and says "have you eaten from the tree I forbid you to eat from?’ .This was the death the defacement of self - they killed the most fundamental aspect of their "human nature"...and tradition sustained it.

And yes they were then kicked out of Eden - WHY: Cause if they eat from tree of life they with their newfound skill of Judgement they will "reason they will live forever".

The idea of body as evil is one of many evils that have led to subsequent evils which defaced life. (Evil body Judeo/Christian and Muslim Religions).

Why is it only the cultures that believe nakedness is "sinful" that are the advanced industrialised nations?

Earlier in forum I was attempting to get answer to the question "What do children do instinctively, unselfconsciously...". Children are born comfortable in their own skin - they love the freedom of their own true ’self’ - UNTIL - they are taught to feel ashamed of their bodies and to cover up. This is a major defacement of life in our modern society. You know the problems in our lives related to what we look like, will people approve if I don’t look cool, will I offend, am I wearing the right clothes, am I too fat, am I not skinny enough, and on and on. And its JUDGEMENT about appearance that make us so fearful and enslaved to "keeping up appearences". It is a multi-million dollar industry!!! Not to mention the private pain about self for millions.

Every trauma in our life can be related to judgement - even dumb statements like: You could have done better/I only want what is best for you/You are perfect....



Please Note EVIL = Anything that defaces Life

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