Theory of Consciousness Jan 2, 2008

Typical materialist, figmentalist discussion

Quote from Greybeard: I gave the simple definition of pain as a verification of the senses. Our senses can forewarn us of events that are about to happen. If we accept that they tell a lie, or prevent our interpretation of the events by laying between us and reality .... then how is it that they are correct .... this is verification.

Rufe Response: Pain does not verify that the real world is anything other than an illusion. I am speaking in terms of absolutes (solipsism) and it is what we know now, I didn’t invent idealism I just renamed it figmentalism. As a materialist you can argue against these things but in the end you do not know that your senses are revealing a material world made of matter and energy that does not require us to exist, for it’s existence. The dinosaurs are an illusion just like everything else that we collectively imagine.

Quote from Greybeard: Of all possible interpretations of our cosmos, our senses are the most likely to be right ... why would you choose to ignore them, but still use them in your everyday life ie: to avoid an accident.

Rufe Response: You say " most likely to be right" which is a conjectural statement or ’theory’. I don’t ignore my senses but do realize that they are projections of my being just as in a dream. When you are in a dream you are fully convinced that it is real, why would you ignore that, when you awake?

Quote from Greybeard: If you are proposing that they only tell an illusion, and that no verification is possible using them, then what is the reality that you replace them with and what proof do you offer as an alternative if we are to ignore our senses.

Rufe Response: There is no need to offer proof from the purely figmentalist approach. The onus is on the materialist to supply proof because he uses theory not absolutes.

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