The barrier of the senses - 05-26-2005, 02:12 PM

For us to consider matter, string theory, Newtonian physics, we, as scientists must first consider the mechanism by which we do this examination. Primarily the views of these thoughts are present in what we call our brain. This central processing device is connected to senses that either relay information from without (ie the real world) or respond as projectors from the brain.

The brain senses gravity by feeling the weight information relayed by the various parts of the body. The brain senses the sight of the surroundings by relying on the eyes. Other senses such as taste and smell reinforce the idea that the brain is in real touch with a physical entity.

As we dream we get a clue that our senses may not be reliable. Dreams seem real. Waking reality seems even more real because of it’s intrinsic memory and consistency of detail. There are two possibilities here. Either the senses act as a monitor to the brain in which it’s required visions are manifest or we really do experience a world beyond mental reality. I see no reason to take the latter for granted.


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