Reality Orb - 05-26-2005, 01:36 PM

We think of ourselves as a human form with a back and front. Try to think of yourself as an orb or globe in which your eye level is located on one side of this inside-out sphere. Your field of vision is globe-shaped and extends from the side of your vision to the other side. You see inside a closed sphere and that could possibly be your actual being.

As others intersect your visual sphere they share the concept of the environ and also the visual experience. The secondary sense of touch will authenticate the realness of objects that are proximate but not distant mountain ranges. The visual things in the distance only correspond with that sense.

Since we may consider ourselves a visual orb and others as such, these orbs would inter-connect to create mass reality. In this regard we are more closely associated with others than as a human form.

This has only been presented to one friend of mine, previously, and his comment was that I was saying the same thing or partly so, about 20 years ago so I guess this is about as complete as I can get it but it’s a work in progress in the sense that I am looking for comment in a proper forum.

This is not string theory. The theory of everything is much less complicated than quantum math. We can never know the theory of absolutely all there is to know anyway. We may find out a thing or two about our origin and condition but our minds are not capable of understanding the simple equations and initiations of all of reality.

String theory and the big bang theory are useful ways of manipulating our surroundings through the technical advances that they engender. They are also a useful way of teaching about our material side and provide lovely math problems but they aren’t the Unified Field Theory that Einstein sought.

So here it is..........Rufe’s TOE

Existence depends on non-existence;

All of the rules of the Universe depend on this balance.

A thing, as we know it must both be and not be at the same time.

Any event or combination of events must be possible without the need of matter of any kind.

Proof of this: Existence is impossible therefore possible. (In the chance of creation or evolution of life occurring the odds would be infinitely against, to the point of perfection, therefore possible.)

The antimatter that has been sought is merely the thought of matter.

Matter is the physical appreciation of reality through the barrier of the senses to the ethereal brain to mesh with the antimatter of thought.

Proof of this: While dreaming the individual experiences imaginary landscapes through imaginary senses and believes it to be real.

Unified Field Theory: There are no special questions in UFT. All events and material conform to the same aspect. Nothing can exist without the thought of it.

There probably never was a beginning. Time, in terms of all of reality would not be based on our simple solar clock. Time, in terms of creation and existance would be very flexible, just as some hours pass very quickly and some seconds drag on interminably.

More if requested


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