Mental vs Material ....TOE.... - 05-26-2005, 12:46 PM

As much as I hate to attack existing theories, it is necessary to remind the proponents of their inherent weakness.

The Big Bang Theory: Please correct me if I’m wrong but the current version states that material somehow condensed into a super dense point and then underwent some cataclysmic change that both began time and began to fill space with the newly formed galactic material from some initial explosion.

Unfortunately for this theory to work you would need certain conditions prior to this event. Those being the lack of time but the presence of space and the original material to begin this. This can only be considered as a shortcut to evolution without any idea of a continuum.

The obvious questions are: Where did this material come from and how did seemingly purposeless material get created in the first place?

There was no material for the big bang and for us to think of time as having a beginning would mean the design of pre-time conditions.

Particle Theory: The large particle accelerators were built with the purpose of understanding the building blocks of matter. Many of these have been built and at least one more is on the way and still scientists have been unable to gather even the smallest bit of matter. There is no matter. Also since energy is defined as the movement of matter, there is no energy either. We and the universe we live in is not based on material of any kind. We think it is and that makes it appear to be so but we live in a mental universe and not a material one.


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