Re: Cyclical Universe based on Inversion - 12-29-2007, 07:57 AM

There are a number of theories and I admit mine is a bit of an oddball. I think differently or at least have not found the right arrangement yet. I have tried to explore some lateral thinking on physics and a few other aspects. One of the big drawbacks actually is if a change was significant enough then new emergent technologies would first consider weapon potential ahead of humanitarian potential. So I am reluctant to forge ahead and yet worried that if I do not try, then something I have left out might be even more important.

So from here on this refers to the thinking I have put in place regarding a cyclical universe and my apologies to any in the science community if a different angle of thought offends. This is just a way of writing up an idea that has hit a brick wall when it came to my asking for help with a concept. So I do not know if this is useful to you or not Rufe.

Time is considered the most important and unchangeable constant that we have in the universe. Unfortunately it is sometimes the way of things that we assume or forbid ourselves to look at that one thing that may hold important information.

Time is defined as a dimension to go with the other three spatial dimensions. That gives the space time curvature Einstein referred to with relativity ... that is space bends and time can be dragged a bit depending on how fast one is travelling. Roughly speaking over a certain speed nobody will agree that anybody else is telling the right time.

The second definition is that time is perception. That is a memory of events in a sequence and as such time does not exist outside of the conscious mind. That is part of the reason why there is such a big song and dance about whether time = 0.

In quantum mechanics the ’chronon’ is a theoretical unit of time that is most closely linked with mass. Now this is where I took a different path to mainstream science and considered a third option ... what would time need to be to link the quantum world and the world of general relativity. It turns out that mass can be simulated by force like the push of water on the wall of a dam. Well that took care of quantum to an extent ... time is force but what is it pushing against, we needed the equivalent of the wall of a dam to push against to make it a force. More on that later.

For relativity gravity is a force which could be described as pulling all things toward matter or more curiously a push if it flowed and washed all things towards matter. It is like standing under the shower you feel the push of water from the pressure behind the shower head. So if gravity is described as movement then space needs shape and that is where time comes in. As a force in its own right it can push space giving it shape then balances the ’mass like’ quantum property with a ’mass like’ relative property. The big thing here is that to do that takes us away from nice little spheres and easy circles into rather more complex shapes. But not anywhere near as complex and utterly confusing as the mathematics and some of the bizarre excuses used to explain some of the fixes.

A classic example is quantum mechanics. Nowhere in quantum mechanics is there an explanation for magnetism ... quantum mechanics actually expressly forbids it. Maybe it is just me but that seems to suggest the most successful theory of science might ... dare I say it ... be not entirely correct. Somehow none of the magnets that I use in everyday life understood that and they still work. Well almost, I have one of those annoying magnetic door opening swipe cards that has a limited set of friends in the door community. So instead of opening all of the doors as it should, it has restricted my access to a basic few that still make work possible although slightly less easy. I dislike anything without a sensible and easy manual override because when one most needs access or egress say in an emergency the chance is there for technology that is supposed to assist people to be the thing that traps them ... basic poor planning.

As I said I would get back to what is being pushed on when time is a force with weight or mass like properties. All experiments use matter which is comprised of atoms. Atoms require force to be moved ... overcoming inertia, and force to be stopped ... overcoming momentum. It may be a bit simplistic but to me if the atom or more precisely protons and neutrons were the boundary then everything works.

Where I am concerned with this model is that evolution is also evolving. So much flexibility could be built into lines of force but then they could divert to a new flow. We may be able to get in touch with our future or past and by force of will effect a change. We have not even successfully tamed the great rivers of the world yet, the flow of time may have even more surprises than even the most open minded thinker could credit.

Interestingly in the Newscientist magazine reporting on the next fifty years of progress and the real likelihood on having an answer for everything were confident that there would be no new discoveries outside the scientific community. I was quite surprised as there are surely still a few very clever people left in the world that are not scientists. But no, in a year or so of peddling an idea that I hoped might help generate more interest the response has not always been overly encouraging.

I actually believe the official scientific community could be right and be well on a path to ensuring there is no new science from outside the scientific community. You know when you are hitting rock bottom with groups on some other forums when they start posting pictures of strange looking fish and donkeys wearing straw hats. Thankfully this forum has been very supportive.

We do not have all the answers yet, maybe never will. Some things may just have answers that will take all of us, not just a few.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."...Albert Einstein

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