Michael Noonan /Sentient Marine - Dec 23 2007

Math and Quantum Physics/Cyclical Universe an Unconventional Theory

From very big to very small the universe is real, very real and it seems to handle all of its boundaries quite nicely. Unfortunately we use mathematics to describe reality and at the boundaries the mathematics break down.

Since science uses the language of mathematics the only way to talk to them is with mathematics. There is the problem in a nutshell. Mathematics as a language has its own humour and distortions and down right lies like any language. This is very useful when it comes to hiding a secret or misdirecting someone asking a genuine question.

Religion has faith and science has mathematics. For instance the two Greek runners, the two have a race and the slower runner has a head start. Every time the faster runner gets to the point where the slower runner was he is still behind. When he gets to where the new position of where the slower runner was, he has again moved forward in the time it took the faster runner to catch up. Now in the real world the faster runner will at some point have a chance of passing the slower runner if the race is long enough but in the mathematical world the faster runner never quite catches up to the slower runner.

The moral of that story is if you are at a racetrack with a mathematician and he is always betting on the horse with the biggest head start, then do your own betting.

At some point the mathematics that described the real world took on a life of its own with all of the foibles and imaginary peculiarities that exist only in the world of mathematics. Normally that is not a problem but as in my previous post if you exchange the fishing line on the reel for a noodle then by working to a point where you can extract food via a division by zero it is possible to feed the world with an infinite amount of noodle unwound from a fishing reel. Funny enough in this world I live in that just does not seem to happen much. Now these are the people I would not allow in my little fishing industry wind out fishing line because ... well quite frankly because they are just plain crazy.

The problem is that it is their language and they as a people are not alone in the pride and defence of their language no matter how many difficulties it may cause others. The elite scientific community will insist that their language of mathematics, a language of all possibilities and a language of which the real numbers is just a very small and for the most part a very insignificant bit. That is what my problem with mathematics is. I live only in the real world and it is the only one that I have that I currently know of.

So through clever persuasion of politicians, politicians who do not want to look unintelligent ... the clever scientists have obtained the equipment, the most powerful equipment ever made for smashing objects together. Equipment that can suffer a loss of energy and still generate temperatures over two trillion degrees and it was a lot of energy that just disappeared ... not just a bit. Quantum experimentation is like using a hammer to break a watch to see what cogs and springs pop out. Bigger equipment is like getting an ever bigger hammer. So if there is an inside to the universe as quantum mechanics suggest there is ... then what happens if we pop a big enough hole in it.

That is why I stress, our beautiful little blue planet is our life raft all alone in the vast empty reaches of space. We are alone, have no neighbours to run to or habitable worlds to escape to. The ISS (the International Space Station) can hold a few but not indefinitely and even with recycling is still dependant on resupply from earth based launch sites. Our scientists are deep within our little vessel in fortified compartments with the approval of an authority untrained and not conversant with the language and the strange culture of the scientists who would take the risk of discovering a new power source or smashing a hole through the very boundaries of existence.

This is not the conventional view from science. I deal only in real world analogies, form, force and flow. To learn mathematics first one must forget the real world and quite honestly I am rather loathe to do that.

Cheers Michael Noonan

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."...Albert Einstein

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