Mechanical Awakening - 01, 18 2008 08:44 AM


Reaching the WHOLE world.

It’s all good stuff, please feel FREE to join in, if and when the desire spontaneously arises in you.

Love melanie.


’Once the game is over,the king and the pawn go back in the same box.’ REJECT NOTHING And

If confusion arises .. embrace it and do not be afraid.

Somewhere in the confusion there will appear a gap, allow for this gap, it is where all new i-deas and solutions rise up.

Magically out of the confusion, ’you’ will see clarity, but clarity is first hidden from ’you’ .. it is somewhere entangled up with the confusion. This discovering is how we evolve apparently.

First ’we’ have to dig for the hidden treasure , the little nuggets are already a given, they are a precious gift for those that SEE them. To find the treasure we first have to dig, i mean really! did you think it would be that easy. (oh no)

IT would be giving this GAME of hide and seek away too early where would the fun in THAT be.

BBL .. with some more nuggets.

Love melanie.

Gilbert Schultz quoted: First ’we’ have to dig for the hidden treasure , the little nuggets are already a given, they are a precious gift for those that SEE them.

To find the treasure we first have to dig, i mean really! did you think it would be that easy. (oh no)

IT would be giving this GAME of hide and seek away too early where would the fun in THAT be.

"The infinite web of subtle energy runs throughout (is) the whole manifestation - there is no "entity" that has independence or substantiality anywhere. No one to claim ownership of even one atom let alone a body or mind."

Love melanie.

Michael Kirkpatrick Quoted: Great thread starter Melanie,seems we need some crisis to occur within our life for the awakening to begin.

warm regards michael.

Melanie Quoted: Hello,

Yes it appears that a crisis will inevitably result in the ’’entity’’ to search a way out of the crisis, .. crisis not being our natural state.

We discover equilibrium through discovering a neutral space between the polar opposites, this is who we are by nature.

The i-dea of opposites are apparent for the ’entity’ to know these opposites do not really exist, they are imagined.

But for argument sake yes ’we’ apparently exist, so how can we know good if not for evil, and how can we know sweet if not for bitter

We have to take the rose with the thorns, to discover the real truth. In reality the rose and the thorn are really ONE It is ourselves of course.

Perfectly known but not by ’you’ or ’i’

We are the known. experiencing the known we can choose to be happy or not.

ps.. i like you’re sig.

Love melanie.

Rufe Quoted: Re: Mechanical Awakening - Today, 12:51 PM


this is the dawning of the awe and rapture

this is the time we all speak with one voice

may I remind you that we have the hackers and the vandals to thank for this freedom

many government agencies and other forces have tried to control the web

and failed

and hopefully we will maintain this freedom


Melanie Quoted: This is a theory i have .. btw i’ve just made it all up i known nothing i can only resonate with sensory vibration and be drawn to it.

There are no separate realities of wave and partical except as a concept, they are already combined, concieved. Vibration has but no option to resonate with that of itself the GOOD there is an appearance of a quantum leap in consciousness when negative thinking reaches critical mass this is because it is against the very nature of itself which in essence is pure/ good, in order to find equalibrium it raises it’s vibration to a higher consciousness atoms and protons .. atoms, roughly 10 -8 cm in diameter, consists of a tiny, dense, positively charged nucleus made of neutrons and protons, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.

Each chemical element consists of atoms that possess a characteristic number of protons. Atoms are held together in molecules by sharing electrons,

these are vibrating and have no choice but to resonate with a common denominator an apparent existence which is a desire for survival So there appears to be a quantum awakening taking place on the planet it is evolution, it is an eternal recycling process, an eternal re-balancing act the action of a self correcting universe.

i have no i-dea what i just said

Love melanie. ***************


Rufe Quoted: What you just said is some form of poetic combination of the catch phrases of the materialist combined with the new reality. That being that we are all one and the wave/particle physics is only a concept of ours and has no real meaning or application.

You have attempted to marry two opposing views; the slide rule and thought.

Thought created the slide rule and now is attempting to use it to explain itself.

Don’t be shocked ..most of the things that are said in this place are more question than answer.


Melanie Quoted: **Self seeking Self

Physically we are each made of the same atoms which exist in other people and the objects in our environment. All we are, each person, is a different pattern of those objects. We each constantly trade atoms with our environment as we breath, as we take in food and exfoliate. We also constantly absorb and emit heat and energy, just as we constantly absorb and emit all kinds of information through our senses and muscles. We are absolutely dependent on the universe around us because we are inseparable from it. The boundaries we assume are ultimately illusions. There are no real boundaries. We are merely a universe. Through the course of time we are each naturally evolving away from identities and boundaries toward the statement of I am the universe, you are the universe, we are the same, we are the one being. It is a very long journey, but when those boundaries do finally break down, seeing the wholeness and unity of the universe is not merely an attitude, it is more a quite different reality and very unique way of seeing existence.

love melanie.** ***************

Rufe Quoted: Very Nicely said Melanie

I’m adding this entire ’mechanical awakening’ thread to my site (just the parts you wrote)

It’ll be up in about 24 hrs (


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