To have one theory of everything, the universe must be composed of just one thing. Published by gautam 2007-04-28

The Mest Theory Of Everything



The mest (mass, energy ,space and time) is simply the one entity of what our universe is composed . Contrary to the general perception of treating the mass, the energy and the space and time as three or four separate entities existing more or less independently , my theory treats them as different forms and attributes of just one thing. What ever is observable, directly or indirectly, from a quark alongwith its colors and flavors to the celestial bodies such as planets, the stars and the galaxies, the interstellar empty space (which is not really empty), the light, the motion, all collectively and individually are defined as the mest. We see them as so many things only because that is the way we can comprehend and understand. The mest is the matter and more.

To make my stance mathematically clear, I would like to state that there can be one and only one final equation, if we believe that there is one theory of everything. So many different laws of physics and the equations derived from those laws are simply parts or extensions of one equation. Further, the many terms used in the LHS and RHS of an equation denote one and the same thing, the mest.

Let’s take the equation of the Second law of motion.

F= ma ( force = mass * acceleration )

The force , the mass and the acceleration in the above equation are nothing but the mest separately and collectively. The force is therefore nothing but the mass accelerated. Or in other words a moving body is not a body of mass but just the force. The same law modified , gave the idea of the still more famous equation E= mc2. I believe Newton had almost said what Einstein proved later . The law of conservation of energy was the first step towards the mest theory of everything.

If the force , the mass and the acceleration were three separate entities then there would have been no equation possible between them. Like there can’t be any equation between the apples and the oranges. No science or mathematics can conclude as to how many apples are equal to two oranges, as far as the apples are apples and the oranges are oranges. But we know that at micro level, the sub atomic level, where all matter is composed of the protons, the neutrons and the electrons there will always be an equation between two things which are composed of the matter, whatever may be the form. The elementary constituents being same, the difference remains the configuration, the spatial position.

At this level the spacetime positon of particles or waves also becomes material. I am quite sure that all the equations of the theoretical physics can be combined into just one mathematically complicated equation. Once that is done we can say confidently that we have got the proven theory of every thing. The simple version of that is the mest theory of everything.

Spacetime is not independent of mass/Energy

The interconvertiblity of mass and energy is a proven and accepted fact. But according to the mest theory, the spacetime, earlier known as the space and the time, is merely the characteristic of mass/energy. There cant be any mass or energy possible without spacetime and the vice versa. The spacetime is in fact the subject of the object called the mass or energy. Like my much said example of , John and his lifetime, the two cant exist independently, one without the other.

The mest and the cosmic bodies

Let’s examine the mest of our own earth. For all scientific purposes, and also in general, we have been taking earth as the big body of huge mass. One of the planets orbiting around the Sun . We in our perception live on the surface of the planet earth. But the mest theory says something different. According to it, we are living somewhere deep into the earth if we take it to be composed of the mest, much like, animals living in deep seas. The surface of earth is simply the outer edge of the solid earth. The airy earth is upto the outer edge of the exosphere of the earth. But the mest of the earth, which includes its spatial expanse, extends upto the point the so called gravitational pull of the earth is felt. And at that boundary its mest, not perhaps seamlessly, merges with the mest of the other members of the solar family and with that of the patriarch, the Sun.

The total mest of the planets put together alongwith that of the sun defines our solar system. For the outer cosmos this system behaves as one. Similarly ,the total mest of all the stars in one galaxy, put together, makes the mest of the galaxy. This is because of the well defined distinguishable mest that the galaxies are identifiable . The bigger the celestial body or system the bigger will be the mest. The interstellar empty space we observe is actually the mest surrounding the galaxies, the part of the galaxies, like one around our earth. The total mest of all the galaxies put together constitutes the universe.

Spacetime a subject, not object

The inclusion of spacetime of a body as its character, to define it in totality, gives it a subjective dimension. Still, so far as we are not a part of that entity under observation, we can determine and define it objectively. We can even deal with the subject of its spacetime, to large extent, in an objective manner. But as in the case of the universe, of which we are ourselves as much a part as any other constituent of the universe , defining it in terms of its spacetime is near impossible a task. The spacetime of the universe, which is an integral and inseparable part of its mass/energy, makes this universe a subject for the scientists than an object which can be determined by the final theory. The inseparability of spacetime of a body from its mass leaves no room for the gravity.

The Gravity and The Mest theory

There is no scope for or even need of a gravitational pull when the basic fabric of the universe is taken as one wholesome entity called, the mest. The gravity is something that, for finding room for itself , first separates two mass bodies and then dons the role of binding them together. In the mest theory, first of all there is no such space. The mest is continuous. The mest of every larger system ensconces the mest of its constituent bodies. This scientifically unsustainable love of big fat mass bodies has no place in the mest theory. In a continuous universe, the three forces; the one that binds the sub atomic particles together ( strong force) ; the weak force which causes radioactivity and the third one ,the electromagnetic force, existing between charged particles can explain for a body of mass falling down . In the mest theory it is not falling down it is actually going where it is supposed to be as defined by its atomic configuration.

Published: 2007-04-28


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