Re: T.o.N. (Theory of Nothing) - Today, 08:05 AM Jan 01 2008

It entails philosophies from the East such as the Tao, The Atman, Non- duality [Advaita Vedanta], the Unborn, the ’Iam That I Am’ of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadata Maharaj, Wei Wi Wei’s the Action of no Action, The Egyptian’s Godman i.e. Osiris-Dyonesus, in the west’s the earliest Christianity [Gnosis], HPB’s insight’s, and more, etc., etc. I have new-found respect for the posters here after that explaination. You all must be very well read. I feel like the uniniated, like a newborn in your collective presence. I am not worthy rufeI said the same thing Rufus, "I am not worthy", it was an influence to begin the quest for who ’I’ actually Am, am I merely form [mind/body organism] without content?, nothing more than my apparent nature, or is there something essentially intrinsic within this ’garment of bones and maleable flesh’? What is the vivifying lifeforce that animates this mind/body orgsanism? Is it really destructable and in what sense?

"Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of the soul on this plane of existence and the soul, on a higher plane of existence, is the vehicle for the Spirit. These three are one, a trinity, synthesised by life, which pervades them all." HPB

We have to build our own ’astral vehicle’ [soul], per se, if we don’t, like a child in the womb not developing arms or legs, or being born blind and/or deaf, we will be handicappped in the the coming round. Thus have I heard.

All the mystics and ’messengers of God [THE Creative Energy/Force of all that Is]’ have come to us as "parents visiting their child in the Mother’s womb", to tell us this. All we have to do is awaken to it as a truth. That is our birthright. "Ye think yourself nothing more than a mere human yet, YE Were Born A King, did YE but know it."

[By that I mean, as humans we become slaves to The Impostor/ Ego, that is what we are promised liberation/salvation from]

I Who Speak

Sometimes As I Write, the ’I’ becomes "We" and yet remains ’I.’

There is a Consciousness which, while It remains One, is a symphony of harmoniously blended parts.

I write, and I watch myself writing.

I Know, and yet I wonder at the knowing.

I am the student and, at the same time, I am the Teacher.

As Teacher, I stand in Majesty looking upon the world below.

As student, I look up humbly and amazed.

I speak and, presently, there blends with my voice the melodious Voices of Others.

One Meaning in many tones is unfolded.

So the tones of the seven-stringed Lyre are all sounded; one her, another there, in groups and, finally, all together.

And before this Melody I sit entranced, filled to the brim and more. I who Speak none will ever know until, on that final Day he finds Himself, when I appear in all My Glory.

-Dr. Franklin Merrell Wolff



We Are NOT a Human Searching For a Spiritual Experience, We Are a Beautiful Spirit Immersed In a Human Experience! Yours I Am we are One in That.

Namaste` Brother

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