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March 12 ~ Hi to Tara, Misti and Daniel!

Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

Back again after 3yr hiatus    ~    And covering update with galleries   

Emma's art is quite striking.

This page of pix are all completely out of order because I haven't done an update in 3 years. I just got lazy and disorganized for no reason at all.

Never let a disaster pass and miss the photo op. My window shattered in the garage with the sound of a shotgun blast due to a screw nick at the edge and a red hot fireplace.

08-03-14-brad-emma 08-03-14-brad-emma-01 08-03-14-brad-emma-melanie-01 08-03-14-brad-emma-melanie-02 08-03-14-melanie-01
08-03-14-melanie-brad-emma-01 08-03-14-the-gang-01 ben-maric cat-castle-01 ben-maric cat-castle-02 frost
27-01-17-ice-moonscape-02 27-01-17-ice-moonscape-03 27-01-17-ice-moonscape-05 27-01-17-ice-moonscape-07 27-01-17-ice-moonscape-08
frost-plants-1 frost-plants-2 indoor-toms indoor-toms-2 tugger-mc-minni-beast
shattered-glass-01 shattered-glass-02 shattered-glass-03 shattered-glass-04 shattered-glass-04a
shattered-glass-04b shattered-glass-05 shattered-glass-06 shattered-glass-07 shattered-glass-08
Building the Aztec Panther   

This project began as a long-frame Traxxas T-Maxx nitro bus. It was a terminal wheelie machine lacking drive ability so I made a 13 inch fiberglass oriented-thickness frame for it and got rid of all the plastic parts and put on C&C aluminum all around.. cost a fortune! I took out the 26 Picco and put in a 2200 Mamba-X and a Six Cell Harness. The Aztec Panther body is the purple one with gold stripes then there is the Bonny n Clyde body shown below and now I am using the Willys White body.

01-01-17-new-all-c&c-chassis-01 03-12-15-custom-frame-for-electric 03-12-15-custom-frame-for-electric-1 05-12-16-dorian-03 11-01-17-38-willys-01
11-01-17-38-willys-02 11-01-17-38-willys-03 18-01-17-home-made-emaxx-conversion-1 18-01-17-home-made-emaxx-conversion-2 19-10-15-aztec-panther
19-10-15-dirty-electric-aztec-panther 19-10-15-emaxx-tug-01 20-01-17-38-willys-04 20-01-17-38-willys-05 22-01-16-custom-frame-for-electric-2
22-01-16-custom-frame-for-electric-3 22-10-13-old-traxxas tmaxx-bonny-n-clyde01 tmaxx-bonny-n-clyde02 29-12-16-new-all-c&c-chassis-02
31-01-17-home-made-emaxx-conversion 31-12-16-new-all-c&c-chassis-03 31-12-16-new-all-c&c-chassis-04 31-12-16-new-all-c&c-chassis-05 bon-cly
The Fleetwood Hydroplane Project   

Slo Mo Shun was the inspiration for this model and in real life it was restyled to become the thinner rendition called "Notre Dame" after the University. This one I call "Fleetwood" and is made of an old door. Many interior doors are made of Honduras Mahogany Plywood and it has a wonderful hue and grain and is much cheaper than the hobby material that the plans called for. It has had four motors to date and the last remains to be tested. Mamba-X may be the one to get this nine pound (all up) boat on plane.

01-08-15-fleetwood-14 01-08-15-fleetwood-canopy 01-08-15-fleetwood-elec-motor-fin 03-08-15-fleetwood-turn-fins 08-06-15-rudder-from-knife
09-06-15-fleetwood-14 12-06-15-fleetwood-15 12-06-15-fleetwood-16 14-12-16-fleetwood-new-scoup 15-04-15-fleetwood-ready-to-go
17-04-15-fleetwood-02 17-04-15-fleetwood-04 17-04-15-fleetwood-plans 17-04-15-framing 17-12-16-2200kv-mamba
18-04-15-begin-framing-strongback 19-04-15-fleetwood-07 20-04-15-fleetwood-10 20-04-15-made-from-interior-door 20-04-15-ready-for-deck
20-10-16-busted-nitro26 20-10-16-third-motor-test 23-04-15-fleetwood-12 23-12-16-odd-coupler 24-08-15-fleetwood-18
29-12-16-fourth-engine-test 30-08-15-after-run 30-08-15-prop-model storage 07-09-12-s-honeysuckle
My Neighbor's Home Build   

It was wonderful to watch my neighbors, the Mayes, building their new home. The main feature, for me, is the upstairs balcony and the view it affords. This is a good example of very successful self-designing and self-contracting if you can call it that. I am totally impressed.

mayes-mansion-01 mayes-mansion-02 mayes-mansion-03 mayes-mansion-04 mayes-mansion-05
mayes-mansion-06 mayes-mansion-07 mayes-mansion-08 mayes-mansion-09 mayes-mansion-10
mayes-mansion-11 mayes-mansion-12 mayes-mansion-13 mayes-mansion-14 mayes-mansion-15
mayes-mansion-16 mayes-mansion-17 mayes-mansion-18 mayes-mansion-19 mayes-mansion-20
mayes-mansion-21 mayes-mansion-22 mayes-mansion-23 mayes-mansion-24 mayes-mansion-25
Amphibian Seacat-2 Scratch Built   

This project is a ducted fan driven sailplane with the idea of being able to fly it as a normal sailplane without power but have power for landing and takeoff. It's my own design and features hidden control horns based on torsion bars that are bent on the ends and yet to be tested in flight. My cameras at this time are a Sony-a390 and a Nicon-p510 and I am very happy with both.

elevator elevator-and-tailpiece elevator-bottom-covered elevator-control-reinforcements foam-mockup-in-mold-box
foam-mockups-and-fiberglass-in-molds foam-mockups-on-molds ready-to-test servos-suspended-b4-glue shaping-under-leading-edge
shaping-upper-leading-edge tape-layout-for-wings torque-aileron-servos underside-motor-pod unshaped-formers
upper-leading-edge wing-adding-ribs wing-bottom wing-bottom-assembly wing-mount-detail
07-11-12-f-cameras asw28-glider-kit bird-of-time-01 bird-of-time-02 bird-of-time-03
computers painting-garage painting-garage-2 sailboat-01 sailboat-02
Petrie Family Car Repair Outing   

Jaimie is trying out her auto repair skills. I included one of her fav wedding pix. The other pictures show Jason with the cars we found time to race in the snow and the kids Emma and Brad playing. Below that is my laundry in tubs ready to go to the lake, obviously a different time of year. The left over styrofoam from the Mayes build was used to make fake brick insulation. I tried to take some pix of a dragonfly and at the bottom is my buddy Harry's nitro trainer.

jamie-jason-emma-brad01 jamie-jason-emma-brad02 jamie-jason-emma-brad03 jamie-jason-emma-brad04 jamie-jason-emma-brad05
jamie-jason-emma-brad06 jamie-jason-emma-brad07 jamie-jason-emma-brad08 jamie-jason-emma-brad09 jamie-jason-emma-brad10
jamie-jason-emma-brad11 jamie-jason-emma-brad12 jamie-jason-emma-brad13 jamie-jason-emma-brad14 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-11
05-02-13-s-cyclamen 05-02-13-s-cyclamen 11-04-15-acura-01 11-04-15-garage 11-04-15-garage-2
14-05-15-fake-brick-02 14-05-15-fake-brick-03 14-05-15-fake-brick-04 14-05-15-fake-brick-05 14-05-15-fake-brick-06
08-02-13-n-sauna-morning-glory-01 14-05-15-laundry 21-07-15-dragon-fly-4 21-07-15-dragon-fly-5 21-07-15-dragon-fly-6
21-07-15-dragon-fly-7 21-07-15-dragon-fly-8 21-07-15-dragon-fly-9 28-03-14-harry-01 28-03-14-harry-02
Orient Tay Shun    

Orient Tay Shun like Slo Mo Shun is designed with a target speed of 82 MPH when fitted with the Italian Novarossi .21 but the engine was so fussy because of it's exotic nature that I gave up tossing it into the water only to have it cough out after 20 feet or so. Irritating and embarassing and also frustrating so I replaced the engine with a brushless Velineon and matching speed control run by a four cell Lipo Bat. She's hot!

02-07-15-orient-tay-shun-09 04-07-15-orient-tay-shun-08 05-07-15-orient-tay-shun-09 05-12-16-ots-01 06-07-15-orient-tay-shun-10
06-07-15-orient-tay-shun-11 07-07-15-orient-tay-shun-12 07-07-15-orient-tay-shun-13 12-07-15-orient-tay-shun-14 13-07-15-orient-tay-shun-15
13-07-15-orient-tay-shun-16 13-07-15-orient-tay-shun-17 13-10-15-orient-tay-shun-27 14-12-16-ots-02 15-06-15-orient-tay-shun-01
15-07-15-orient-tay-shun-18 15-07-15-orient-tay-shun-19 16-07-15-orient-tay-shun-20 16-07-15-orient-tay-shun-21 17-06-15-orient-tay-shun-02
17-06-15-orient-tay-shun-03 17-06-15-orient-tay-shun-04 17-07-15-orient-tay-shun-22 18-07-15-orient-tay-shun-23 18-07-15-orient-tay-shun-24
18-07-15-orient-tay-shun-25 19-06-15-orient-tay-shun-05 19-07-15-orient-tay-shun-26 20-06-15-orient-tay-shun-06 23-07-15-orient-tay-shun-27
24-06-15-orient-tay-shun-07 29-12-16-electric-mod 29-12-16-electric-mod-1 29-12-16-electric-mod-3 novarossi21-01
Northern Coachwork and Maintenance   

So I'm putting the sign up, years after the business has ceased it's commercial entity. Of all the business names I have used, this remains my favorite and our most recent venture, within these premises, is  The Skeeter Repair   linked here. Scroll to the bottom of Iceboats-2 page to see the Coachwork project.

21-12-14-coachwork-01 21-12-14-coachwork-28 21-12-14-coachwork-06 21-12-14-coachwork-07 21-12-14-coachwork-09
21-12-14-coachwork-10 21-12-14-coachwork-11 21-12-14-coachwork-12 21-12-14-coachwork-14 21-12-14-coachwork-15
21-12-14-coachwork-17 21-12-14-coachwork-18 21-12-14-coachwork-19 21-12-14-coachwork-20 21-12-14-coachwork-21
21-12-14-coachwork-22 21-12-14-coachwork-23 21-12-14-coachwork-24 21-12-14-coachwork-25 21-12-14-coachwork-26
The Nitro Bus.. Ralph   

This machine was an Associated RC10-GT rear wheel drive. Now it has a streached frame (330mm wheelbase) and a new body to go along with a very reliable OS .15 motor. For a two wheel drive this is a kick ass machine and the extra wheelbase keeps the front wheels on the ground.

25-05-15-new body-01 25-05-15-new body-02 25-05-15-new body-03 25-05-15-new body-04 25-05-15-new body-05
25-05-15-new body-06 25-05-15-new body-07 25-05-15-new body-08 26-05-15-new body-09 26-05-15-new body-10
29-05-15-new body-15 29-05-15-new-body-16 30-05-15-wire-insulation 31-05-15-never-used-flame-design os15-engine

Weeks previous to those above are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

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