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The Human Form - Circa 1995   

The Misti figure shown is the most successful of all figures with over 50 sold and many of those in porcelain. Click here to see the original Human Form site

The Thunder Bay Art Retailers, Ceramics Local Clubs and also the Thunder Bay Art Clubs such as Definitely Superior are to thank for the Misti success.

Windows 95 (which actually went on sale in early 1996) was the beginning of the web for most people and the "Human Form" site opened in 1996 or early 1997 before I even had a computer. All the pictures were taken on a film Pentax and my cameo was a film selfie and all were sent to Winnipeg for digitation. Cool Huh?

Tendrills was an Experimental Design    

This design is shown because it became the alternative to the original Human Form site but was relegated to the history box right away. All these web pages still work although there may be some broken links.

The First Namron Soar Site   

This was my first attempt at writing html and for years it was not possible to validate it, but it still rendered on the web. This is a repaired copy as close to the original as possible.

NamronSoar gets a face lift in parchment   

This is the initial rendering of INTS (The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science). On the web a Hippie can own his own University and nobody can say Boo! We teach good stuff!

Namron Soar goes Flashy   

At this point in time this is the Second to last Institute of Non-Theoretical Science by Namron Soar, which if you don't know, is my fathers name spelled backwards and my first name misspelled backwards. The Institute is now referred to as INTS and we can boast some real discoveries such as the laws of reality, entitic science, non-real entitic science and the science of the sphere.

Plain Copies Throughout   

One of the Institutes features was to supply print copies to all the pages because they don't print well with a black background, but I prefer it because it give more POP to the colors and is easier on the eyes. Some call it reverse pages and prefer the white back.

The Latest INTS Index   

This rendering suffers greatly from improper linking which I am presently fixing. The Institute should be better organized in it's presentation of Laws, ES Law, NES Law and Laws of the Sphere.

Main Gallery Host now Retired   

Real Rufus is preserved in it's final form except for possibly a motorcycle encyclopedia that may be added some time. RealRufus.Com, as well as Namronsoar.Com, and AcidProgram.Com have all lost their DotCom status as of Mar 2017 and Clayarts.Ca has taken over RealRufus hosting which is six gigs at this point, 2.7 used.

Acid Program has Redeeming Qualities   

AcidProgram Apart from looking like an "in your face druggie site" Namronsoar uses this place to park his book on "How the Human Brain Works" since acid is a cerebral thing. Acidprogram has survived for years on the web testing "freedom of speech" and is now retired to the state of legacy but may soon be touting a new book "Transient Reality".


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