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Scroll Down to see the latest Venture "Thunder Jet"    ~    And our repair of this old vessel   

The first six pictures are of vestas sailrocket and not an ice racer but nearly as fast.

Then Mike Madge on Lake Superior. Click to Enlarge any Pix on this page and to add pix, email them to me. Don't forget to put a proper title on each pix.

Hold the cursor over the Pix for Title.

vestas-sailrocket-022 vestas-sailrocket-023 vestas-sailrocket-024 vestas-sailrocket-025 vestas-sailrocket-2-breaks-sailing-speed-record-2
vestas-sailrocket-2-breaks-sailing-speed-record-4 ggg-004 ggg-005 ggg-006 ggg-007
ggg-008 madge 014 madge 015 madge 016 madge 017
madge 018 madge 019 madge 020 madge 021 madge 022
madge 023 madge 024 madge 025 madge 026 madge 027
madge 028 madge 029 madge 186 madge 187 madge 188
madge 189 madge 190 madge 191 madge 192 madge 194
Assessing the Thunder Jet Damage    ~    And a few meanderings   

Moon pix with a little old nikon p510 and some "Truth Movement" propaganda

Don't remember seeing Pelicans here before, and are those Cormorants with them?.

Thunder Jet, a Skeeter Class Two-seater made by Mead has somehow wound up in Thunder Bay and we are looking over the damage and repairing it. Below that are other Skeeter and Iceboat pix.

moon666 moon667 moon668 moon669 pelicans01
pelicans02 pelicans03 pelicans04 pelicans05 pelicans06
pelicans07 pelicans08 skeeter-assessing-damage12 skeeter-assessing-damage13 skeeter-assessing-damage14
skeeter-assessing-damage15 skeeter-assessing-damage18 skeeter-assessing-damage19 skeeter-assessing-damage20 skeeter-assessing-damage21
skeeter-assessing-damage22 skeeter-assessing-damage23 skeeter-assessing-damage24 skeeter-assessing-damage25 skeeter-assessing-damage26
skeeter-assessing-damage27 skeeter-assessing-damage28 hudson-river 2012-11-06-skeeter boatwerks-201
mar-03-2016-01 mar-03-2016-02 mar-03-2016-03 mar-03-2016-04 mar-03-2016-04
myboat otherboat perrigo-green-lake skeeter-01 skeeter-02
skeeter-03 skeeter-04 skeeter-05 thunderjet-in-thunder-bay lake superior freeze over
24 foot class Skeeter    ~    With new fiberglass nose   

Mike, Barry and Grandpa own this Skeeter from the 40s.

We decided that the entire nose must be reinforced with several layers of Fiberglass Roving, Cloth and Mat. Also a bow log of Oak was cut from a dried raw trunk to give rooting for the attachments.

Although we didn't have the time to paint it properly because Mike was so eager to try it out, it worked great as expected and some ten people including myself have had a hair-raising ride in it with Mike at the helm, so far this winter.

01-02-17-ice-formations 01-02-17-skeeter-mike-01 01-02-17-skeeter-mike-02 01-02-17-skeeter-mike-03 01-02-17-skeeter-mike-04
06-01-17-skeeter-33 07-11-16-repair-05 07-11-16-repair-06 15-02-17-paper-02 15-11-16-repair-37
apply-edging-01 barry-and-mike barry-mike-3 barry-and-mike-2 cover-nose-01
cover-nose-02 cover-nose-03 cover-nose-04 cover-nose-05 cover-nose-06
cover-nose-07 cover-nose-08 cover-nose-09 cover-nose-10 deck-repairs-01
deck-repairs-02 deck-repairs-03 deck-repairs-04 deck-repairs-06 deck-repairs-mike-01
deck-repairs-mike-07 edging-02 edging-for-prosthesis edging-for-prosthesis-1 edging-for-prosthesis-2
edging-for-prosthesis-3 edging-for-prosthesis-4 edging-for-prosthesis-5 fairings-01 fairings-02
fairings-03 fairings-04 fairings-05 fairings-06 fairings-07
fairings-08 fiberglass-mike fiberglass-mike-2 foam foam-01
foam-02 foam-03 foam-04 foam-05 foam-06
foam-07 foam-08 foam-09 foam-10 foam-11
foam-12 foam-madness hairdrying heavy-glass-roving locating-boot
locating-boot-1 locating-boot-3 locating-boot-4 locating-boot-5 locating-boot-6
oak-bow-log oak-bow-log-2 oak-bow-log-3 oak-bow-log-4 oak-bow-log-5
oak-bow-log-7 thundercat repair 008 thundercat repair 018 top-lam-01 top-lam-02
top-lam-03 top-lam-04 top-lam-05 ggg-002 ggg-003
New INTS Book by Namron Soar explaining How The Human Brain Actually Works    
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Grandpa writes under the pseudonym of Namron Soar but it’s all boring Scientific stuff that no one ever reads. You can listen to him droning on about the same old thing again and again but don’t try to argue the point because it’s all Non-Theoretical, meaning there is little to actually discuss. Re-presented in this book is the comparison between Figmentalism/Idealism/Enlightenment, Plus, The Laws of Reality, Entitic Science, Nonreal Entitic Science and the new kid on the block; The Practical Laws of the Sphere.

To Read Brainworks    Click Here    for the Book Index and you can scroll down to find something that might interest you, like the topics mentioned above. Chapters Six and Eleven are even slightly funny. (No Chapters in ’Voice’ yet)

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