To Dream or Not to Dream

Re: T.o.N. (Theory of Nothing) Austin P Torney - 07-30-2007, 05:13 PM

I slept in on the Hawaiian mountain top the next morning, snug in the temperate climate and balmy breezes, while Alice of wonderland took the motorcycle to an interview at CDC Corp. I walked down to the fort, rather like flew there, and had the Army’s free lunch, my first poem in my pocket. I’d typed on a keypunch machine and had printed by running a program containing mostly Print statements. I marveled at the wonders wrought from just 1’s and 0’s, or was it "there" and "not there"?

For the poem in my blog-see

I used my smaller motorcycle to ride over to headquarters and pick up the computer tapes that soon sat in the first-class seat beside me enroute to a layover in Tokyo due to the 11 PM curfew in Korea. The International Date Line went by and so I time-traveled into the past, arriving in Japan before I had left Honolulu, or maybe it was the other way around, but I’d left a day early just in case. The day’s length was now stretching from 24 to 30 hours and it so would be easy to fall asleep later. I thought about time as being the rotation of the earth.

I still missed the curfew and had to stay in a bed and breakfast near the DMZ, then rode a train south for a few hundred miles and made the last primitive way with the Army’s Update to its Supply System riding with me in an oxcart. Saw some old friends and vacationed a few days, trying not to fall into the open sewers at night, while the tapes checked out, which they usually did. Saw someone riding a bicycle with 7 crates stacked atop the back of it and wondered if gravity was as strong over here.

Flew back, breezing through immigration in sultry Guam on my Army ID card, crossing the date line again, into the future, and landing in Oahu, whose airport terminal walls were always open to the elements and flowers and waterfalls. I wondered if there was an easier way, not even realizing that Al Gore was probably already thinking about inventing the internet.

Back on the mountaintop for a few days of recuperation from my "vacation", I wondered, like Nobody, how the universe could even be here, finally assuming something like "it had to be".

After waking from a dream that was as real as real, I entertained the thought life was but a dream that was taking us merrily down the stream of consciousness, but I got stuck at the point of 1) wondering how illusions could actually function and be manipulated-not assuming any trickery of, say, all the intricacies of nature’s organisms just being there for show, such as in a night dream, and 2) why the brain, while probably not creating the dream stuff, shouldn’t be real enough to at least interpret it-while at the same time being part of the illusion itself, like everything else.

I turned over and went back to sleep’s virtual reality.

Speaking of dreams, I often lose my high school schedule and miss weeks of algebra class until I get a new one-and then when I look up my homeroom, I find that its number changes each time I look at the paper. This is the point at which I realize that I am dreaming and can relax and have some fun with the dream.

When I look at a book in my dreams, the words move around and some digits are interspersed with the letters. Once I read the true Theory of Everything but had no way to print it out-and forgot its contents (just a joke). Another time I examined a wooden porch railing in minute detail trying to see how many dots-per-inch of resolution it had-but it was perfect, just as when we are awake. Some bugs were in the shape of triangles-a dream flaw, among many others, and I could fly, and so forth, but those types of things gave me more clues that all wasn’t really real-but the real question now is, Nobody or anybody, how can we detect the hallucinations of our waking life and is there anything we should do differently if we come to deduce our unreality?

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