The TOE of Being and Reality - Austin P Torney/  06-25-2007, 03:41 AM

The Decomposition of Being and Reality

The components of being, or living a life, seem to be creating, direction, growth, and planning.

Being creative, or forming something new, comes from continued learning combined with a change in structure.

Direction, or where you’re heading, results from adjustments made from learning and a change of outlook.

Growth, or what you are becoming, is a change of outlook combined with the vision of your future.

Planning, or design, is having the vision for a change in structure.

As for learning, it is accomplished through the remembrance of history-its successes and failures, as well as through education supplying the same.

Change of outlook derives from the continual remembrance of your wishes and dreams that allows you to make changes to your course.

A change in structure is the progression from history.

Vision is the ability to see what can become.

History is the matter of the past.

Remembrance is the past stored away in a space.

Wishes and dreams are a space that is to be in the future.

Progression is the matter of the future.

Space is a place for stuff and is defined by the reach electromagnetic radiation which facilitates action and motion and is a part of the appearance of reality.

Matter is the stuff of many forms in a the place of space and is a part of the appearance of reality.

The past is what was of movement (time).

Future is what can become of movement (time).

Past into future is reality’s movement through the now.

Past into future and matter and space blend to form the spirit of life that leads to all of the above that forms being.

Reality is movement(past into future) and appearance(space and matter), or movement of matter in space through time.

Our reality resulted from the complex forms and interactions of space, matter, and movement over a long time, evolution keeping track of the advantageous through DNA and discarding the useless through it not thriving.

Matter in its molecular forms came from the combination of atoms.

Matter in its atomic forms of the elements came from the stars (hydrogen, helium, carbon, iron, and oxygen) and from the supernovas of stars (the rest of the elements).

Stars, galaxies, and planets formed from gravity, a secondary effect of the four forces of electric, magnetic, weak and strong.

Atoms are formed of electrons, and protons and neutrons made of quarks, along with facilitation by the weak(decay) and strong(stability) forces, as well as somewhat by the Electric and magnetic forces.

Quarks,photons, and electrons and such with the forces are near to the fundamentals of our universe and are the results or the indestructible predecessors of the "materialization" of our universe.

The ultimate fundamentals, whatever they prove to be, always existed-since they could not have been made out of nothing. Also, they have no parts, making them unbreakable, although this goes without saying.

Complexity "oversees" the universe, but the simplicity of the ultimate fundamentals underlies it-appearances in motion.

So you see that being comes from an understandable chain of events of adaptive organization under the influence of past, future, space and matter from corresponding movement and appearance over 13.75 billion years or so.

A few minor and unimportant supporting details may be slightly off, left out, or glossed over but this is the raw gist of the "proof". Of course, investigations and refinements continue, thanks to scientists and/or TOE people. Any suggestions?

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