by Antoniolao

chaos/who are the Prigoginians? - 01-30-2006, 01:34 PM

These are scientists or mathematicians who study what happens at the edge of chaos, the boundary between chaos and order. The emerging complexity is obviously nonlinear, dynamically far from equilibrium, viciously indeterministic, irreversible, high spatial fluctuation and extremely sensitive to the time parameter.

The Prigoginians can also be known as chaoticians. They believe that order of self-similar patterns can form out of chaos. These patterns can then be used to predict future occurrence as an adaptive mechanism for self-organization, self-preservation, and self-improvement. The resulting structure is dissipative, meaning it needs more sustainable energy than its surrounding.

Chaoticians can be an inhomogeneous group composed of physicists, chemists, economists, biologists, industrialists, environmentalists, engineers, architects and urban planners, scientific theologians, political scientists. Collective, they work toward a common goal, the self-organization of a local society or culture or globally at a larger scale, a nation. Even though self-interest abounds within each component, the objective function is to optimize the whole enterprise through cooperation and competition.

Some of these personalities are described in M Mitchell Waldrop’s book: ’Complexity’, 1992. Some can be found in Gleick’s book: ’Chaos’. In the USA, the research center is the Santa Fe Institute located in New Mexico. In Europe, the Prigoginians are concentrated in the Brussels school of Belgium.

Time independence: [?E(g)]²=[?F(a)×?r(a)]·[?F(b)×?r(b)] and Mass independence: ¶a(t)·¶r(t)=c²

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