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Here you will find an eclectic mix of art and auto together with a wide variety of other topics.

<--We are led to the artistic areas by the venerable Ruby E Owen as she returns from the past as she always said she would. Ruby was an inspiration to all she met, an art teacher, mentor and staunchly independent person.


Ruby will be your guide through our "Art" section bringing her wit and insight to bear on the piece at hand.

James Norman Owen or "Norm" as he was called by everyone will guide you through the mechanical interests areas. Quote: If you are going to do something, Do it right!

The name Namron Soar comes from a misspelled reversal of Ruby’s Mother’s maiden name; Ross and a reversal of Norman.

Norm will lead you to "Friends" a group of people of varying ages and different interests, mostly the mechanical side of nsoar.com

About Norm: go!!

Ruby Comments: This piece represents my granddaughter ’Misti’ saying "who me?". It is porcelain, original and exclusive.
Jason takes his dancing seriously, Click his pix to visit the "Friends" homepage called

Ruby: "These new fangled digi cameras can be quite artistic".

Also you can see Ruby’s oil paintings and other artwork right Here!

Watch the Lotus Rebuild.....

See the fine points of repair and rebuild of a 1969 Lotus Europa as it is transformed into an Exotic Showcar.

Learn to create fibreglass panels, parts and laminates.

Watch a newly designed frame being built to improve the original Lotus.

Paint tips and procedures and pictures of the results.

FroggyWill do whatever Froggy’s do. He is our mascot.

Ruby:"Above appears to be a metallic etching but would you believe it’s just a piece of poly with overspray on it?"

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