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How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Friday October 18th 2011 ~ Chapter Eight ~ Suspended Reality ~ ID 1984

The Human Brain in Suspended Reality

It’s difficult to describe a dream because of the problems of memory but as soon as I say that someone would come up with the response "Well I can remember all my dreams in fine detail." And well they may but more than likely they are suspending reality and just saying something that they know to be false or perhaps they really believe it, but whatever the case there is much evidence to prove that we have a very considerable difficulty remembering dreams. Dream analysis is also a big problem for this reason. It’s like trying to remember your past lives, also known as déjà vu although that term might be misused by common consensus. The similarity, however, is palpable and not in common reference simply because most do not understand that one does not really have the ability to die and refer to those that do have this knowledge as reincarnationists and think it’s only an aberrant belief. This ability to forget is paramount in the continuance of our lives (plural lives) because without it we would go mad with our ever-continuing life and thankfully that does not happen. We can be fully cognizant at our individual death and pass away concentrating on the idea of remembering this life but somehow as we go through the convenient intervening period as a baby and while we are trying to make sense of the new sights and sounds of our first hours and days, as such, the thoughts of a previous life slip away and our mind is refreshed with no knowledge at all so we can rediscover all of life’s little nuances all over again. How this occurs is a mystery to us at INTS and we make no pretense that we are even quite sure that we will, in fact, reawake as a human baby. These things are unknown but there is a little evidence that we are stuck being humans forever but then that is fodder for another chapter.

Since yours truly is unable to study anyone else’s dreams in any detail short of listening to a probable reconditioned account, I am left only with my own and the way I do this is to recollect the dream as soon as I awake and attempt to learn the lessons that are available to me from said dream. Last night a learning situation occurred and the words for the title of this chapter were a result. Dreams very definitely do create teaching devices that can have a vast bearing on your understanding of the brain and by this point in this treatise we should be referring to the afore mentioned brain as the mind only. The ’Brain’ as we have found out in previous chapters is actually our surroundings since we really don’t have a brain at all. Our minds are the things that we are able to manipulate through proactive thought such as when we are within a dream state and thinking about the situation and preparing reactions or just observing. I try to not only remember what I was doing but also what I was thinking about during the situations and in this case.. well, just let me recount it for you and remember that it’s my own personal mindset that dictates what both the subject matter is and the reactions are. Also things can change drastically in dreams and they don’t really require explanation as they would in the awake state and that’s one of the things that make dreams so unique. We all agree that while we sleep all the things, people and situations that occur are created solely by our own personal preferences and made quite believable during the dream so that fright or Extacy is similar to being awake although there is some small rider (caveat) during sleep that hints that we are not in the real world but this does not keep us from being scared out of out wits in a nightmare. Sometimes we may even have lucid dreams or the lucidity might be well diluted, hinting to us that we are in that special situation where we can fly or walk under water or the like. Truly lucid dreaming is very rare in my case and refers to the situation where the dreamer is fast asleep and yet fully aware the he/she is dreaming and may take advantage of it by committing acts that one could not get away with in real life such as deliberately kissing strangers or whatever. (I won’t elaborate on that one.)

The Dream that coined the chapter title

I was running across an old railway mound in my back yard in which the tracks were removed (it’s true the tracks used to run right through the middle of my beach property but they were removed) and headed in the direction of a neighbor yard about three camps down. One of my large male cats was with me running along beside me (I don’t remember which cat it was but then have six but I am assuming it was a male and in real life they would be totally freaked by my running) although there was no snow on the ground as we ran across the lot there was indeed a huge embankment of fresh snow on the other side of the mound so we both did somersaults across the mound and into the deep snow beyond. (trust me, cats don’t do somersaults over snow banks) The cat disappeared in the deep snow leaving a cat sized hole on my left from which he rebounded in the direction we were proceeding but I was stuck in the hole which I had produced and noticed some unusual qualities that I remember thinking about when I awoke, which where quite unlike the real McCoy type snow. In dreams you very often get into situations that make you struggle and your natural abilities are taxed to extricate yourself from the dilemma. The snow was a bit higher than armpit level, soft and fluffy all the way through but had a crusty bit at the top that I could get a good purchase on with my arms. (snow is never like that.) I attempted to raise myself several times in order to move to a more secure location ahead of me which was where the kids had built snow forts and then crushed them making a packed snow area but was unable to do so. I considered tunneling under the snow but it frightened me as I’m somewhat claustrophobic when dreaming. I remember trying a few more times to raise myself and move ahead but felt weak and could not accomplish it so I simply (consciously thought) suspended reality and moved my situation, body and all onto the firmer snow area, not in a flying motion or anything else but simple continued the dream from a new place. There is no need to recount the rest of the dream because it didn’t go on for much longer but the cat and I explored the snow pile that just happened to be suddenly within the neighbors house. The important point is that I was able to just turn off my situation and move my dream state personage to a new, less bothersome location and remained fully cognizant of this change while asleep and also able to remember this odd phenomenon for future reference. Usually I struggle in a situation like this and something gives way or I wake up due to heightened heart rate from being frustrated or frightened. In this case I remember actually deciding that I was not going to get out of this hole easily and simply made the decision to move along by a simple suspension of the dream reality depositing myself in a crawling position on the firmer snow. Big Deal you say!

Well to a philosopher it is a big deal. When it was discovered (Chapter Four) that all of reality is strictly a mental thing I don’t mind telling you that was a really big deal. It meant that if one could get one’s head around this thing then you might eventually become the master of your own reality and in some small ways that has already happened but not to the extent that was predicted at first. The first object was to suspend the present reality of ’matter borne evolution’ or ’God created existence’ whichever one opts for, and there is no way you can combine the two. In your material existence you were either created by an evolutionary change that took place with insentient matter or else God made you and that is what your reality is, baring the other weird creationist theories like ’Aliens made us’. None of us are born with the knowledge of Enlightenment and that can be said with some assurance but we all have the potential to find this out and then that is the first time that your reality will be suspended. The second is when you realize that it’s very difficult to actually live like that and you are forced to go to your job at the fish market and flog carp, never mentioning to your customers and coworkers that both you and they are figmental and their need for carp is also figmental. Just try to stop eating and you’ll see what I mean. So you compromise with your own being, by day you discuss the weather with those you meet as if you had no influence on it at and at night with a half a belly full of wine you accost your typewriter with the type of literature that you find here trying to make sense of the new reality and still living with the old. (my previous typewriter keyboard has a few keys that produce more than one letter and now this one has the ’S’ completely worn off and the ’A’ and ’D’ are well on their way). It’s necessary to live somewhere in between the two poles. On the one hand you have all the knowledge and understanding of a Tibetan monk and on the other you are forced to communicate with people that have all the understanding of a Tibetan Monkey, or maybe less. I sometimes wonder how these people remain bipedal. I do suffer the inept but occasionally it becomes an irritant.

New Tools

One of the most important tools to coping in the new reality is to be open to heretofore unbelievable success. I customize old motorcycles and quite often am trying to create some fancy gizmo out of what I have and here is the process within suspended reality that I use. First the project is drawn out on paper because I really enjoy the planning stage since I can sit down and have a glass of wine and a toke while ostensibly working. The first materials and processes I chose may constitute a considerable effort and monetary outlay but I don’t let this worry me. Secondly I never rush things. There is always a much more perfect solution to every problem be it material usage or time spent and I just look around for a better way to solve either or both problems. If it can’t be found that day then it will sit for another day and the solution will materialize well within your grasp simply because there is nothing that is made of anything real, just things that seem real so the solutions will find themselves. My motorcycles dematerialize during the night when they are left in the garage, which also dematerializes and when they both become real the next day the problem will have largely departed. Learn to think like that and you will have discovered nothing more than positive thinking.

Namron Soar

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