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How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Saturday December 4th 2010 ~ Chapter One ~ The System ~ ID 3235

You will no doubt find this incredibly boring unless you are a Brain Surgeon, Psychiatrist or Professor and I mean that literally. Heads and Freaks may also find it informative. This is not to say that this dissertation is only intended for the high minded such as physicists, philosophers and doctorates, not at all, it’s directed toward the general public specifically at this time to help explain the common phenomenon of anxiety dates such as 2012 as well as basic brain function. This is communicated from the University known online as INTS or the Institute of Non-Theoretical Science. Much has already been written, digitized and disseminated to Canada’s University Libraries with little measurable effect and little apparent interest. It is an extremely dry subject and perhaps should not even be put into book form but there is a considerable amount of information at this time to produce a number of chapters and the digital pathway is well founded on the web so the book can be offered to anyone that has computer access with no charge. These are the foundational terms of the Oh-1 Digital Press and the free university mentioned.

As a scientist you may find this to be a treatise of broken rules since the problems that are presently being examined with regard to the brain and more specifically the Human brain are well beyond the ability of this institute to qualify it’s statements if they were expounded within the confines of todays’ universal mindset. We don’t even have a Physical Lab and function strictly in a digital sense, with lab functions being replaced by real world experiences. Science has come to a crossroads and needs some kind of connector to join several of todays dilemmas together. No one has figured out Gravity yet. The old ideas of ’Gravitons’ being some kind of a particle is sorely lacking even as a theory and is desperately seeking to join up with the newer string theory, that unfortunately requires 10 or 11 dimensions that no one has even seriously described yet, beyond the first 4 and even those are in error. People have generally heard of String Theory but not M-Theory, supersymmetry or Ed Witten (the most famous author of said theory) and no one has come forward as yet to tell us just how the old atomic theory is connected to this new string business. Those are the most popular scientific theories that the world functions on today with regard to describing how the brain works but there is an entirely ignored system that Modern Science does not use and definitely should. Molecular science is taught today as if it were the holy grail and was a proven fact. Well it’s not and does not agree with String Theory either, so how far behind in our Scientific discovery are we, while we toy with these unproved postulations that we presently live by?

The Lab as mentioned is the real world and that should be qualified but you will get this point as you proceed. The Laboratory method used in this system is non-theoretical and avoids any conjecture but may at time stray into such territory but the reader will be advised accordingly when the statements seem to be becoming guesses. There are many types of logic and perhaps every individual or even every individual creature has her/his/it’s own way of thinking and thus logic but the only type used here is the base logic that connects all things and the study of which leads to the explanation of just how the brain works. Terms such as "Base Logic" may have another reference in common usage as are many of the terms used for the system but there is a "Annex of Terms" explaining our position in the back of the book (digitally speaking) but we will entertain any advice given should there be a conflict. Don’t hesitate to phone or write (email). It took over 40 years to isolate the system and should be referred to in capitals because it is the only system that is complete. Being non-theoretical is the reason for this.

2012 is the topical subject and if this does happen to reach the airwaves before that date and since this system can respond to any and all questions and advise in any and all situations, hopefully writers block or disorganization won’t keep it from being completed within a couple of months. Almost all chapters of this scientific discussion (desertion) have been preplanned and many rehearsed, there still remains the actual digitalization of most of the text and these things are mentioned here to help prompt the completion and bore you ever further. The way things are today with everyone and their dog having a blog, the chances of anyone even reading the first page of this is like almost totally remote so this is just being written for those that will to refer to chapter 12 for the 2012 predictions and the science people that can appreciate the humor. Tia. ’Chapter Twelve 2012’ will give you a complete rundown on the conditions and their accuracy and prepare you in a way that you probably have not thought of before. You may check the source of your other information on the subject and you will find that all are conjectural, unproved or fictional and only the evidence outlined here is complete. You may also wish to read any other chapters of this book to get further conformation on the info there. With that out of the way you may continue as you choose.

The Environment of the Brain

In order to study the physical brain and how it functions in a physical sense one has to unwind the environment that the brain finds itself in, and this is very similar to the situation of the being that possesses said brain, but not exactly. The human is this and that in a physical sense, such as ’bipedal’ and in a mental sense, possesses a whole bunch of feelings. The brain seems to store the memory for these traits and whims but is relegated to a possession of said human and in a physical sense (the brain is) not understood at all. Brain surgeons do very little if anything to the actual brain of a patient because they have absolutely no idea how it operates. They may claim to understand certain things having seen scans and sections and every other type of invasive and non invasive technique but using their own language will reveal that there is a very incomplete knowledge in this area. The theory of the physical brain is one of electrical impulses rushing about and somehow storing knowledge and experience as a physical digital RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory) quite akin to the theory of the computer or as many would say "akin to the way that a computer operates" again, as if either the brain theory or computer theory were proven. There is never any build up of anything more appreciable than apparent increased function yielded by scanners or sensors and it seems to be that brain waves have no describable material involved, just some electrical properties and I say some because the present theories of electricity are also in question due to the lack of perceptible material being moved through conductors, being at odds with quark theory that seems to portend mass within the protons, neutrons and electrons. Science would like to say that Light is pure energy and a photon has no mass but that too makes little sense since atomic theory requires a mass to have movement to produce energy. To a trained physicist the foregoing may sound like gibberish and be in error on a variety of levels but it must be again pointed out that all of the foregoing is in error and the theories mentioned are all remiss with little value at all, short of being interesting.

To the brain, gravity is not a normal thing, it needs it to pretend normalcy. The drug Salvia relieves the brain of this pretense as well as the pretense of physical existence (as we know it) and quite confuses those that experiment with it but it proves that gravity itself is not generated by anything external and that statement will be qualified and altered once the system is fully explained. This is being approached in as precise a manner as is possible but the explanations involved require that one be able to abandon previous concepts since the real environment of the brain does not rely on them at all. The brain is where vision actually takes place and this was heard recently on mainstream TV, again this statement is only a teaching phase and must undergo qualification (alteration) when the discussion reaches the appropriate point. This however, taken as it is, shows that the eyes are not where vision takes place, nor the ears where sound takes place, nor any sense but rather the actual sensation is only within the brain. Oddly you can have eyes and ears but without a brain they are useless, but not so the other way around. The brain does not need either eyes to see nor ears to hear, just try dreaming and you will see what is meant. When one is asleep and dreaming one sees while the eyes are closed. You may argue that one ’imagines’ one is seeing when one dreams and the eyes are still functioning as in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep but if you study REM sleepers you will see that their eyes are closed and the light they see is all manufactured within the brain not the eyes. While asleep the brain still thinks it has eyes and still manufactures all it sees accordingly. Part of the environment of the brain is what is doesn’t know. Another very important part is it’s ability to forget.

Perhaps the word ’Environment’ may seem to relate to the temperate conditions required as well as the secure cranium but this only refers to the mental environment. The brain has the option of a variety of states namely awake or conscious, asleep or dreaming, the ability to ponder adding a layer to the previous two and lastly emotion or decision. The brain does not experience unconsciousness but may experience the onset of same and the aftermath, should there be one. The brain also does not experience sleep unless there is dreaming involved. If one falls fast asleep at midnight and wakes at six a.m. without a dream then the brain only experiences the period prior to drifting off and the relief of tiredness upon waking. The passing time is not recorded in any way beyond those considerations and the experience is one of a split second between 12 and 6 a.m. Hallucination gives another ’state’ or perhaps ’level’ to consciousness but this part of the science is difficult to categorize and any help would be appreciated. Drunkenness or Drugs may cause a further state to be realized by the brain but again little is known of this study yet in the area of states of the Brain. We will only concentrate on those that have been identified and they are as follows:


-i.e. not asleep and not unconscious, drugged, drunk (with perhaps a caveat), preoccupied, mad but basically just not asleep and not dead.


-i.e. not awake and including much of the above.


-i.e. may be done either asleep or awake and would include planning, plotting, viewing, listening, being preoccupied but adds a specific layer to just being there.

-i.e. You may be at work busily cutting a section within the skull, of a suspect tumor and at the same time thinking about laying on the beach in Bermuda with a Mai Tai and composing a novel as well.


-i.e. Your brain works very quickly but is limited to one focal point. You cut the section and hand it to your aid and while waiting for the operating room to respond to your action you suddenly catch a glimpse of the surf and the sun glinting off your Mai Tai glass, your focus returns to ’real world’ for a moment as you hand off the slice and your mind makes a notation of the entire room for the sake of your novel and begins inventing dialog. This is exactly the same as when you view a scene such as sunset. You can only look one place at a time and the rest of the scene only remains as a background image or experience.


-i.e. as mentioned above, involves most of the random generators that cause the scene to shift but are unnoticed in a primary sense unless they are focused upon.

The Entertainer and the Entertained

This refers to the two sided nature of the brain including it’s apparent physical presence since a brain has two very well defined halves that seem to relate to our thinking system in a profound way. It also refers to the Yin and Yang of the social and also the real world we live in. You can talk to yourself. You can do it quietly so you don’t look like a dweeb or you can do it out loud and explain you were admonishing the dog when caught but the upshot of the matter is that you have two very distinct perspectives to both you and your erstwhile brain. Some call it your conscience, your sub-conscious, the little angel, or devil on your shoulder, your Mother’s voice but whatever, it’s the way that you decide everything that you do and are. Some Scientists even attempt to identify the half of the brain that does this or that, namely the left half being more artistic than the right and so forth but this type of classification is faulty when one considers that mental positions of left and right can change in the cyclical pattern of life. Plainly there is no way of defining what is artistic so obviously you could not ascribe an area of the brain to this task. Mostly these opinions come from those that do physical tests in a physical clinic and no such assignments can be made with any assurance beyond that realm. One side of the illusory brain purports the human is bored and it wishes to be entertained, so the other side suggests topic after topic until the popcorn is shoved aside and the TV turned off and both sides agree to take the dog for a walk and see what’s up skirtwise or as the case may be, hunkwise.

These activities trigger the release of hormones that give a satisfying feeling to the human, or the dog and both return later that evening with a sense of well being due to the walk. As soon as they enter the house there is a much more rapid decision making process as the human attempts to get to the popcorn and favorite spot on the couch before the dog gets there. The half of the brain or rather the position that one polarity of the brain takes, becomes a new decision making process. The entertainer could be considered the side that wants to eat the popcorn and offers it mentally to the other side, which promptly recalls a discussion with a desirable opposite met on the walk and imposes the ’Waistline’ restriction, The entertained refuses the popcorn and takes a proactive role and becomes the entertainer bouncing off the couch and proceeding to do situps. None of this need be entirely accurate and probably isn’t, it’s enough to show that the brain has a two sided polarity that also leads to the ability to experience time since these proposals of the entertainer and entertained take time and lead to the cyclical nature of time and memory.

Back to the system

The Physical Brain has been studied for centuries and still there is not a proper system (save the one described here) to describe it’s function although our school instructors teach many things that are brain related as do scientists on TV and Internet programs as though they were proven fact and forget to mention the caveat that they are so far unproved, and part of an incomplete system. Good examples of these are as follows:


-this common theory attempts to show heritage of the physical but ignores the mental. Not one mental attribute such as animal instinct is identified anywhere on a helix.

Big Bang

-accepted almost universally and recently called "The Reciprocating Universe" describes "Events Beyond Science" such as the singularity or ’point mass’ so can this really be considered even a theory?

The External Universe

-accepted as a provable thing; just look out your window and you can see the stars. The problem with this is that we can neither describe a universe that has no edges nor think about it since we do not have the ability to conceive anything completely limitless. Somehow we still manage to communicate this idea but try to get a description from even the most learned on what is beyond the stars and then beyond that and so on ..words fail.

The Existence of Matter

-or perhaps ’the creation of matter’ lacks integrity because there is no plausible explanation as to how this occurred from nothing. -i.e. Big Bang Theory begins with a ’Point Mass’ but no one will even postulate where this came from or how it was manufactured from empty space.

Religious Theology

-otherwise known as religions that purport a Godhead as the creator. The problem is; what created this supposed deity? If it’s called theology it’s still a theory and it’s still conjecture.

The Expanding Universe

-just think about it... Our Scientists (Astronomers) say that there is evidence that the Universe is expanding. If this is the case how come the Constellations have never changed since the earliest times that they have been recorded. If they have not changed and the Universe is expanding that puts us at the exact center of all of reality because everything would be expanding away from us. Still scientists are able to invent silly little reasons how this could be possible that have no grounds whatever in plausibility.

What is needed to explain the brain and how it functions is a bulletproof method that cannot be so easily picked apart as the foregoing. Most Scientific theories rely on the preconditions of a material world composed of matter and energy and also an external reality that makes no attempt to explain what is beyond the stars. These two preconditions have never been addressed within the annals of material/external reality because like thought itself there are no words that can even attempt to express such descriptions. The reason for this is simple, we cannot think of these conditions, we only conceptualize them based on other things that we actually know, something like conceptualizing another dimension. We get the feeling that we understand it but know that it really makes no sense at all in our present day world.

The System described in later chapters was not chosen from a list of possibles that could be used. It was developed from Non-Theory and exposed it’s truths through the use of Base Logic. This is a single type of logic that has only one possible outcome for each connection, word to word or thought to thought and a very low error rate. If you wish to become a better Brain Surgeon, Psychiatrist or Professor then read on. This is the only complete system that exists in the world today and is known at INTS as Figmentalism, in philosophy as Idealism and in Theology as Enlightenment.

Namron Soar

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