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How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Thursday October 6th 2011 ~ Chapter Four ~ The Discovery ~ ID 2194

One of the biggest mistakes that an author can make, according to publishers and critics is to talk about the book he/she is writing and the reasons for doing so, misgivings and appraisals, etc, instead of just getting on with it. Well I’m not real crazy about rules and they are always made to be broken so here it is. I began this with the idea that it could be made a bit more interesting by including the nonsense about 2012, when it’s really supposed to be about the function of the human brain, or any brain for that matter but it seems that by the time I finish it the date will already be passed since I’m scratching out chap 4 some 10 months after the last one. I may never even get to chap 12, but what the hey! You really wouldn’t expect to find the most definitive treatise on the function of this so called ’organ’ written by a non-professional with a grade 12 education who passed most grades with a 52% average, but then I really hated school. I did go to the University of Manitoba for one day and in that day learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life. I sat in the gallery high above my philosophy professor at the only class I attended and listened to him droning on about some drivel that he got from a book that was pretty much PURE drivel and realized that if I was going to learn anything really intelligent about the two subjects that I was most interested in, it certainly wasn’t going to be in any University available to me as an adult student who was kicked out of Winnipeg College grade 13 for poor attendance.

Real education was just not available to me or anyone else in the world of the 60s because I could not sign up for a course on acid (hallucinogens) in Canada and I really wasn’t interested in anything else apart from my second most favorite subject, that being; Where the Hell did We come From? So I jumped on my scooter and said Bye Bye to a useless University education and it proved to be a very wise decision. I didn’t have to spend another day in ’Silly School’ learning how to be a good doobie and how to keep an honest job, working for the tax structure and set out immediately on my lifetime career as a ’no account’ shirking all duties save full time drug exploration as a bona fide Hippy and eventually I wound up with my own University and anyone can study the subjects mentioned for free, online and I throw in a complete description of my lifetime findings, gratis, and it reaches the far corners of the world. At this point I have gotten about 80,000 hits (not acid, dummy.. site hits) and it’s expanding exponentially as I approach 70 years of age. INTS (the name of the University) has it’s own publishing company, has discovered Non-Theory, Anti-Theory, The Laws of Reality, Absolute Science, Entitic Science, Nonreal Entitic Science, The function of the Brain, The only Complete System, Figmentalism (and you can Google that), Pure Logic and a bunch of other things like; The proper way to take drugs and how to avoid working for a living. The high cost of all this bureaucracy is nothing more than the monthly expense of a high speed connection to the World Wide Web.

To do all of this on a budget of nothing I became self educated and have spent all of my non-working life studying my favorites. I became a mechanic so I never needed any money for autos but always had one. Shirking my so called duties as a righteous tax payer has also had it’s benefits since I learned how to acquire housing without paying for it and have since owned three in three different provinces, thanx to my Dads Real Estate teachings. The last of which was the family camp on Lake Superior that was rebuilt out of recycled everything after I inherited it and is by some accounts a modern marvel of construction worth about a quarter mil in todays over-inflated prices and cost me about 5 Gs since I built it when I was stone broke. This is my present and final location and is also the place where INTS is located in Real Space and the origin of all the teachings of the Institute in Cyber Space, and all it’s writings and completed thoughts. Computer repair has become a necessity as has web writing or HTML as it is called and those last two comprise the latest classes, both self taught.

To remember how all the various discoveries were made and in which order would require that the systems in the brain were perfect and that there was some absolute method of recording these things such as say, a way of writing them down or digitizing them so there was a genuine record. Well unfortunately this is not available since there really isn’t a brain to begin with in the sense of a mechanical device or organic device that can remember historic events. I will get into more into that later and describe exactly what the brain really is in a material sense but at this juncture I will only say that these discoveries came in such a jumble as I sat under my favorite thinking tree, typically a Canada Maple that I planted years ago. It’s a wonderful spot and I sit there every summer for the whole summer relaxing in a do nothing way constructing and de constructing the universe, sometimes in a drug induced state that I make no apologies for since no other person I know has their very own University with a success rate that positively astounds. I do recall thinking that there were two ways of looking at life itself and the origin of it and some time around my 60th birthday I had an Epiphany while I was trying to get my head around the so called science of String Theory. It was obviously nonsense but all the great Scientists of the world were hailing it as some new great discovery that gave Einstein the answer to his Unified Field Theory posthumously. The big problem with it was it could not really be explained without learning some incredibly complex math and no one really understood it enough to put it into words. The claim that it required 10 or 11 dimensions was a curse because again you could Google this all day long and not even one of these dimensions could even be described, short of the first four which appeared to me to be in error. Length, width and height were universally considered to be the first three and Time the forth. I already knew that those three only referred to location as a single dimension and time itself was not a dimension at all. A dimension is actually an attribute and there are far more than only 11. Color, Brightness, Weight, Mass, Vector etc were the only type of things that could be considered dimensions and the Scientists were getting a bit silly with this way-out system of thinking. I was really getting upset with this juvenile special club status that they were trying to pull off with quantum physics and supermath. Obviously they really didn’t know what they were talking about with string theory, later called supersymmetry or M Theory. Their atom smashers had never discovered anything and they were still building these monstrosities and still discovering nothing. No cyclotron had ever produced even a single particle of mass or matter and it was pretty obvious that matter and energy could not be separated and the building blocks of the universe could not be discovered in this way. I don’t know when it was, exactly, because when the light bulb went on I began to write things that really made sense and they flowed out like a torrent and the paper that they were written on became digitized and the laws of reality were born. There were two ways of thinking and those were: (A) we live in a real world and we act as if it was real and we cope and communicate as if it could be proved. and (B) matter and energy are the same thing and they are the strings or pixels of which we perceive the real, real world and we never talk about it that way. In other words we live within our own collective perception and the cyclotrons discover whatever we expect them to. We actualize the very molecules beneath our microscopes!

The laws of reality are largely redundant in that there is only one law that encompasses all. That being what was eventually called Perfect Elegance; "There is no process other than thought" and it’s corollary "Even Memory is an Illusion". The forgoing is actually listed in a new set of laws called ’The Practical Laws of the Sphere’ but may find another home since it seems unfit for that location. All sets of laws have undergone several editions with minor changes and the latest of each is listed as the final copy but may still change in the future. As I sat under my Maple in 2003 the first set came pouring out and were scribbled down on scraps of paper and what became the ’Fundamental Paradox Law’ was listed as the eighth one that I thought of and remains to this day in that order. It is ’Existence must have a balance with non-existence’ and refers to the realization that although non-existence is only a concept made from within the safe haven of existence, there still must be a connection to this imaginary state in that material or matter cannot be created of nothing unless it is of course only conceptual. These laws and the second set; ’Entitic Science’ which is the science of the entity have the same beginning law; ’All beings, creatures and things are part of a single Entity’ and refers to the fact that there is no real separation from one individual to the next, we simply pretend that there is. I am the stars as are you and as the Beatles point out "I am you and you are me". Entitic Science describes everything as a single entity and the laws that apply to that condition. Again these are very hard to accept since we seem to be quite private in our own thought process but this is a necessary condition in order that the Entity or us, in general have proper companionship. It isn’t possible for two truly individual persons or entities to exist since the brain or thinking system cannot truly see the mental acuity of another individual. In philosophy this is called Solipsism and has long been known that there is no way of knowing if other’s that you see, can actually see you or if they are just something you imagine.

So that’s what happens if you drop out of the system and spend full time trying to unravel the meaning of life and I suspect that it happens time and time again as each lifetime passes. It took me about 40 years to reach these conclusions and I first posted them on the web on Nov 19, 2005 after relearning HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) so perhaps some of our lifetimes or possibly most of them would pass without this knowledge. Unfortunately we could have found all this out from the ancient religions if they had been popular or at least understood in Western culture or European culture. Even the Maya understood that all is an illusion and taught their children these things as they grew up. I had to figure it out for myself by dropping LSD and magic mushrooms and then trying to fathom what I had just experienced. Lucky I was born in Canada and spent considerable time in B.C. where the authorities don’t really take the drug laws seriously. Lucky that LSD isn’t a substance that has a test associated with it, so it couldn’t be identified in small quantities. LSD 25 is the only psychotropic version of the drug and appears to all tests to be non-psychotropic unless you drop it and the cops won’t do that because it will fry your brain if you’re not careful. Mushrooms, in that ERA were legal in B.C. so there was no problem there either. Oddly it was Science itself and it’s own lack of diligence that allowed me, in the end, to decipher the real function of the brain. How those idiots could ignore the truly momentous power of such things as dope, keeping it out of the school system, and trying to make it’s study illegal is really beyond comprehension. All the brain surgeons of the world are still in the dark, thinking that something really goes on in the human cranium and some stupid hippy comes along and says Hey! and they still to this date, have no clue. Brain Sturgeons, My ass.

Namron Soar

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