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How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Friday October 21th 2011 ~ Chapter Seven ~ Why Theories don’t work? ~ ID 2414

The Mind and Common Scientific Misconceptions

Big Bang Bounce Theory ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: The Cosmos are created of Apparency.

By far the favorite theory that is most fun to attack is the Big Bang Theory. Presently there are a number of editions of this one and the most popular these days is the ’Reciprocating Universe Theory’ which is sort of the old Big Bang with a Bounce thrown in for good measure but all of them have us being recreated through evolution (which is a theory unto itself) and for 99.9+% of the time we don’t exist at all. The entire Universe collapses periodically every several billion years calculated, no doubt with a slide rule by some egg head that was capable of writing totally unreadable jibberish on a black board that only he and a handful of colleagues could comprehend and colloquially referred to as quantum science. Unfortunately during this period there is no mind of an observer to recognize these expanding planets and stars but the majority of the science world insists that celestial bodies are there during this time because that’s the only way that they can collectively concoct a world made of matter or material with mass. First of all this theory always begins with a point mass that exists in an external space and this point expands rapidly (hence the name Big Bang) through processes that are deemed ’beyond science’. Now tell me how the devil can you call it a theory if part of it claims processes that cannot even be described. The other problem with the theory and there are several, if not hundreds, is where the heck did they get this point mass from.. oh yeah.. it was the result of the entire universe collapsing the previous time. So let me get this straight: The matter that all the planets and stars are made of manages to compress itself into a tiny point and then it explodes like popcorn and makes a brand new universe all over again. The two major problems are how was this matter created and where did the space to put this material come from. C’mon Guys you have to do better than that.

Cosmological Constant ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: The universe is composed of solid, liquid and gaseous objects that have no intrinsic constituent of matter.

First off.. Go to Google and type those key words in, or just go to Wikipedia and try to read what it says. I’ll bet you have absolutely no clue as to what this refers to unless you took it in University and even then you will still find it a major mouthful. (Sentences like this for example: "A major outstanding problem is that most quantum field theories predict a huge value for the quantum vacuum. A common assumption is that the quantum vacuum is equivalent to the cosmological constant. Although no theory exists that supports this assumption, arguments can be made in its favor.") Did they just say "Although no theory exists that supports this assumption." well.. isn’t that just what I’ve been saying.

OK here’s what it’s all about and probably all cosmologists would say I don’t understand the theory but who cares it’s all BS anyway. You see, they are looking for a way to describe just how there can be so much matter in the Universe and where the heck did it all come from? The cosmological constant for the most part is supposed to be zero but when the Universe is expanding and contracting it tends to be plus or minis that number, so they say. Guess how they account for the matter of the universe.. you guessed it; Antimatter! now nobody has ever found any or seen any but they say there is a whole bunch wherever you find black holes. Of course they have never found one of those and they say they can’t find them because they suck everything into them, even light so they too are totally science fiction. For every particle of matter in the Universe there is a particle of anti matter and these days the word is so embarrassing to them that they call it "Dark Matter".. go figure!

The Expanding Universe ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: All of reality is collectively generated by all beings and the living mass of nature.

I mentioned this somewhere else but I’m going to beat it to death all over again. They have been kicking this one around for decades because if the big bang is the most accepted origin of the Universe then it stands to reason that the universe is either expanding or contracting at any given point in time. They gave it up for a short period and then the Hubble telescope revealed what is called ’Red Shift’ which is code for ’moving away’ and it began all over again. So just ask yourself; If the Universe is expanding then the constellations would be slowly changing wouldn’t they? Well they aren’t and they never have, so that simply means that if the Universe is really expanding and the position of all stars are still in the same place then guess who is at the exact center of the universe.. YOU! Cosmologists will whip out their slide rules and dash off a dozen quantum equations on the black board to prove that the constellations are not changing fast enough that humans could actually see any of this and that’s supposed to be the proof, plus they know you can’t read any of their proof, but you can read mine.

DNA ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: Every thing and every creature has the innate ability to react with the universal.

Now this is one dilly that has a lot of people convinced that it really works. DNA for those that don’t know is a twisted helix that supposedly can be seen with an electron microscope and exists in many cells but I’ve looked at the images and they don’t look at all like the drawings. At any rate they have now identified a variety of physical traits associated with this dna and can somehow relate this with every individual with some measure of uniqueness. The really big problem is where do the mental traits come from? Supposedly they can look at some DNA and tell if you will have brown hair or black but they can’t find where the information is kept for the color pattern on a cat or where the info is kept for the cat to know that he has to bury his waste and all cats do this so it must be a trait that is passed on.. or is it? The big proof against this theory is that mental traits that are passed on to the offspring are not in the DNA chain but they keep saying that all the info is there and they will find it sooner or later. What really peeves is the way they teach the young students in school as if it really were proved already which it isn’t.

The Creation of the Universe ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: Time is a concept and can have no beginning nor end.

Both the Theologs and the Scientists have one thing in common they all opt for Creation and not one of them realizes that it really didn’t have to begin. The big problem with creation is that it would mean a change from nothing to something and science ignores this problem and just starts off with a cyclical program that seems to make sense to kindergarten graders but when a kid gets to grade three he wants to know where did the big bang come from and the teacher just laughs it off and assures little Willy that "Nobody knows but someday they will find out." When Willy goes to church with Mom he hears the Pastor say that God created it, so then he wants to know who created God and Mom says "Well God has always been around and nobody created Him." Well part of the last business is correct but she should have told Little William that "You are God, Willy and you have always been here in one life after another."

The well accepted theory of Individual Reality ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: All beings, creatures and things are part of a single entity.

So you and everyone else in European and Western countries believe that you are an individual and not connected to anyone else but guess again.. you aren’t! As mentioned on other pages you are part of the ground you are walking on and I don’t mean sort of. The Sphere surrounds you and is indeed the Entity itself and you are attached in sleep and waking to this sphere and are not really an individual though we pretend that we are. Everyone is part of the Sphere or Entity and you can’t get away from it so you are everyone else.

The Materialism view of Reality and Time ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: All of reality including time is utterly elastic.

According to Wikipedia the first paragraph states: "Time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change such as the motions of objects. The temporal position of events with respect to the transitory present is continually changing; future events become present, then pass further and further into the past. Time has been a major subject of religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study have consistently eluded the greatest scholars." A simple definition states that "time is what clocks measure".

And they describe Reality: "In philosophy, reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still more broad definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist, not just in the mind, or even more broadly also including what is only in the mind."

With regard to time you will notice that the qualification mentioned above is: "all fields of study have consistently eluded the greatest scholars" and that’s the simple truth except they don’t bother to mention the position of Figmentalists or Idealists but they allude to it in the definition of ’Reality’ showing the unpopularity of this position in philosophic circles.

In the Beginning God created the Earth ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: All of reality is collectively generated by all beings and the living mass of nature.

The other creation myth is the big bang theory and we have already dealt with that. The God thing isn’t even worth commenting on. If religious persons wish to believe in some cult then they may and keep wearing their poor little tormented Jesus around their necks. If they wish to believe in their own personal male god then they should remember that all of us were created by Women, not men. Better still, they should realize that there are a great number of very old religions that teach that We are the Spirit and We create ourselves, even the Maya knew that and everyone should be aware of it.

All Theories that begin with Pre-existing matter and Unlimited External space ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: Existence must have a balance with non-existence.

These are the two main problems that haunt the progenitors of all modern and ancient theories. They always begin their theories with the double assumptions that we already have the space to put these things and that there is matter available to make them out of. No theory proposes a method that this matter came to be, from a state of non-existence and even worse; we are completely unable to communicate or even think of an external space that has no edges. The statement that "Space goes on forever" is actually an invocation of time, not distance. The statement that "Space is Infinitely large" is not even a statement because the word ’infinite’ means ’not defined’. Try to describe this unlimited space, and you might think it makes sense but it really does not. Even our word ’unlimited’ means nothing as a descriptor. Only Fig can explain this problem by showing that space is limited by concept and we live within a Sphere that does have edges.

The Theory that we inhabit a Planet called Earth that is within a Galaxy called Milky Way that is in turn within the Universe ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: Reality is a globe we are within, not upon.

Refer to the chapters 5 and 6 for PLotS (The Practical Laws of the Sphere) for a complete explanation of this theoretical misadventure.

The Theory that Our Earth is composed of a Mantle and a Molten core, Revolves in Space around a Star called The Sun ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: The mind appreciates the Earth and is the Earth.

Appreciates in this case means; ’Creates’. The act of appreciation causes the Earth to exist but only in our minds. We are all things including the Globe that we pretend to stand upon, yet it is outside the Sphere in which we live and thus non-existent.

The Theories of Weather, Black holes, Supernovas, Atoms, Molecules and the like ~ Versus ~ the Appropriate Law of Reality: Any event or combination of events must be possible without the need of matter of any kind.

These theories all require some form of material that could be defined as intrinsic or by it’s synonyms: native, innate, natural, true, real. Since there is no matter available then all events must be possible without it, thus the ability of the mind to conjure them.

The Laws of Reality (LOR) plus *Notes

This has turned out to be a unique way of introducing the Laws of the First set (of 12) and though they may be a bit redundant, they do however, counter common misconceptions that our minds usually carry. The Brain must function knowing these laws deep within the reaches of our basic being but keeping them from us in order for us to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life in the imagined Real World.

There is no LOR for Evolution.

Namron Soar

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