If you have any enquiries simply email nsoar@tbaytel.net
The mailing address is: Ross N R Owen RR #13 Lakeshore Drive Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada P7B 5E4
or telephone 1 807 683 3471 and ask for Ross
For a number of years this Art Page has been on the web. In fact it was up before we even 
knew how to use a computer or owned one. There always has been an attempt to attract customers, though pricing has always 
been a big problem. The Marlene figure, as with many others, took some three months to finally complete with molds and 
the first glazed piece but the molds themselves meant that these were a production item with a possible edition number.
      No edition was ever decided upon and figures were sold locally and otherwise with no regard for this convention.
Consequently the pricing has always been up in the air. This has been complicated with the loss of interest in decorative 
items otherwise known as knick-knacks or ceramics and the further problem of these things being imported for very low prices.
The actual number that has been sold is small indeed but the artist refuses to limit his output in any way, especially one 
that is only commercially generated, so the problem continues.
Prices are negotiated by contact alone and are high in comparison to mass produced items but really only reflect 
the cost of such minimal production. 
Call, write or email and we will be as reasonable as possible, but remember that the reproduction of any piece 
may take as much as two months.
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