Help FAQ
  • Java       ---Turn it on in Control Panel /Internet Options /Advanced /Microsoft VM. Put a checkmark in 
                    all three boxes and reboot to be able to fully enjoy the Internet Experiance.
  • Firewall   ---If you still can’t see the Mouseover Buttons, Pool Menu on Index pages or if you have problems 
                    with the "View Cart" or "Add to Cart" after turning on your Java then try adjusting your Firewall "Privacy" 
                    settings and make sure your "Ad Blocking" and "Mobile Code Control" is turned off.
  • Shipping   ---Costs of $10.00 for under $100.00 of product and $15.00 for over $100.00 of product should be 
                    automatically added, but no more than that. For now that is all that is required to ship 1/2 a kilo or less. 
                    It seems that the air freight within Canada is more than shipping to Russia or US so that’s how the 
                    shipping will work untill more info is avaiable.
  • Delivery   ---Anywhere is by Air Freight and should take from 7 to 10 days.
  • Email      ---Before you order, if anything is unclear or if the shipping is wrong. We will answer 
                    immediatly or within one day.
  • PayPal     ---Gaurantees Secure transaction and Satisfaction and accepts the Credit Cards shown or Bank 
                    transfers or PayPal members orders.
  • Returns    ---You are required to repackage, insure and pay return postage for a full refund except postage. 
                    (Insurance is included free for orders valued $100 or more in all air freight)  
                    Your Refund will be sent through PayPal when the Pipe or Pipes are recieved here.
  • Exchanges  ---Simply follow the "Return policy" above and your new Pipe will be sent along with a refund if 
                    it applies. Sorry no refunds or exchange on used, broken or pipes recieved prior to 30 days.
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