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~ Why Do we Fight? ~ ID 1312 July 17, 2008 ~ Chapter 18 ~ Oh 1 Digital Press

This is one question that gets asked a lot and it comes from so many sources that I thought it appropriate to use. If an American is asked this question he or she will give a broad variety of answers and surprisingly a considerable number will mention the word oil in their response but the top answer is actually ’freedom’. The very worst thing that any individual can do is to kill another person and the worst scenario of that would be to do it willfully, violently and the victim young or non combatant female or male. When asked the question "Why do we fight?" most of us automatically reference the combat role and not our usual battle with the spouse or that one rotten neighbor but there are similarities and historically the little skirmishes of any sort have sometimes led to the most enormous conflicts ever. If you think about it no actual war would just start without the usual escalation from a simple word battle unless.. it was one of colonization which is a fancy word for stealing on a global basis.

Those that create the war do not usually fight it. This is the point that moral issues become blurred because the killing is done by the foot soldier or pilot of a war craft and done by them in the belief that they are either defending their values or defending their right to foist them on others. Who is really responsible? Is it the cruel minds that formulated the ’shock and awe’ or built the ’A-Bomb’ or is it the greedy taskmasters of colonization and mayhem that ordered the destruction of Baghdad or Hiroshima or is it the jet fighter pilot or the pilot of the ’Enola Gay’ who were largely lied to by their superiors but actually did the killing? This question has been wrestled with for centuries and generally everyone is to blame but it’s the foot soldier or pilot that is really responsible in my opinion. He is the only one or group that can actually prevent the killing from happening so he must bear the responsibility. Thrill seeking teens that signed up for Vietnam and joined the Army to kill nignogs, slants, nippers or cong are so directly responsible for their actions that there is no real question. Those that created the opportunity for these deaths are also responsible and in a moral sense even more so because of the lies they perpetrate and the greed they represent but it’s the soldier that commits the horrible act.

Now that our population has reached such proportions when possible wars are discussed by the great powers or powerful individuals there is an underlying willingness for the general public to accept the resulting deaths because all or most of us realize that overpopulation is really cutting in to everyone’s personal share. This is a kind of mental climate that makes war more possible and larger wars more likely and in this age the type of killing can take on some unusual dynamics. Ignoring the epidemic of AIDS in Africa and keeping any available drugs or care from the victims is a modern act of war. Ignoring any conflict or genocide is another form of participation in war as is the simple act of buying an SUV knowing that your pollution rate is poisoning others unnecessarily and Boss Hogg (previoUS admin) is killing (innocents) to get gas for you. Having more than two kids can also be considered an act of war simply because you are adding to the climate mentioned but that type of thinking is getting a touch extreme but you get the picture.

The simplest responsibility that you have is to be informed about the world that you live in and learn tolerance for all races and types of people. Do not believe the propaganda that your so called leaders put out over the ’bought and paid for’ media and do not go to these wars and kill others as some form of ’patriot’ or ’gung-ho zealot’. Peaceniks are the bane of the established war machine because they won’t fight no matter how good the brand of ’Bull (expletive)’ is. Let the Generals pick up the guns. Grow your hair long and don’t even trim your beard or whiskers and you will find a real connection with the wisdom and peace of the ages because that very hair blends you with all and sensitizes you to the earth and all it’s people. Soldiers look the part and they don’t appear to be wizened sages unless they are Sikhs and those men are only soldiers for good. Sikhs and other bearded, long haired men also make excellent policemen because they refuse corruption and are just in their actions. This thought leads to the silent forms of warfare that do evil deeds and yet seem quite innocuous. Women that work for Wallmart are promised that if they fulfil their obligations for two or three years they will become management associates but this is just a systemic lie that is quite well know across North America. Wallmart has no value for women and as all associates, are forced to work overtime without the benefit of commensurate wages to the point that they cannot even afford health insurance. Wallmart has been sued for these practices in almost all states so I can say what I want to about them without fear of recrimination. These ’systemic’ duties of misinforming the associates are really a form of warfare perpetuated by many businesses on their employees and customers because they are tantamount to creating the ’urge to kill’ in the victims when the evil is discovered. A company that knowingly endangers the public with their inferior product or cheats them for profit is committing an unspeakable act and if you as their employee are expected to recommend this dangerous or shoddy product then you have just ’sold out’ and become part of the damned.

Welcome to the club. How many of us can say that we don’t really cheat, steal and ultimately murder for the sake of making a living. Henry Ford probably didn’t realize that his wonderful machine when modernized by time to a sleek fast sportscar for the masses and combined with another even more popular product ’whiskey’ would be a very efficient and constant killer of children and adults. He didn’t envision being responsible along with others in the automotive or beverage field for more deaths than most wars or any particular disease cause. Where is the moral responsibility with a conundrum like that? If Henry didn’t make cars someone else surely would and how can he be held responsible for the combination of booze, bravado, superhighways and speed. Even the rampant misuse of firearms in the US and Canada can’t keep up with the carnage on the highways and one out of every two driving deaths has alcohol involved. Some of us have very subtle responsibilities to fulfil for the company we work for like reporters in the countries mentioned for example. They must constantly sidestep the obvious accusations that they are fully aware of and pretend in their output text that there is such a thing a valued patriotism and that officials are largely not corrupt. They must continually foster the ideas that there is a ’war on drugs’, ’battle against terrorism’, ’work ethic’, ’just war’ and ’political ethics’ when they know full well that no such things even exist today. This might seem quite minor until the administration you are supposedly served by announces that there will be a war on say for example ’Iraq’ and it’s on account of say.. ’terrorism’ and you are a supposedly a.. ’news writer’ and you want to get your check so you write ’around the truth’ go home after and puke, get drunk and hate yourself.

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