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~ After the Break ~ ID 2170 Sept 11, 2008 ~ Chapter 19 ~ Oh 1 Digital Press

You will notice that the date that this chapter was completed is about two months since the last. It seemed a bit like writers block but there were some real practical problems that needed resolve. My old gigabite 750 succumbed to viral infection and I lost about three partial chapters so I wound up moving to my alternative station which is new but unfamiliar as a typing platform. This all originally began as a vehicle for the `Laws of Reality’ and soon turned into a wild diatribe of opinion, based on `Conspiracy theory videos’ that eventually proved themselves to be unreliable simply because there was always at least two sides to every story. So the direction of the book was lost and the purpose seemed to be getting more and more dangerous every day. One cannot stand up in the world wide web and yell out loud... "No More Nukes!" and not have at least some mild concern that something bad might come out of it. The average American might have some trepidation about the validity of agencies like the CIA or the FBI but would really have second thoughts about setting up a web site and broadcast his or her displeasure to the world. This is no small matter but comfort can be taken in the fact the there are a multitude of like minded persons on the web broadcasting day and night for all the world to hear. Website’s dedicated to change such as INTS, digital newspapers from all over the world, blogs from every disgruntled computer owner and even mainstream slip-ups all go to bolster the underground movement that is 9-11 but then I digress.

During the break there was a plethora of information gathered and turned into html for safekeeping, mostly news stories but there was also a great number of vids consumed and not all were of the conspiracy variety. There is a critical time occurring in history at this point and some equate it to the advent of 2012 and there does seem to be a connection if you consider the main features of today. We are globally communicating as a world population and there is no authority that is monitoring our conversations to the point that they can be controlled. You may argue that point if you wish but it’s just plain impossible to secretly control the world population conversing via web, telephone and in person. This is no moot point to a group that has as it’s agenda specific control of information and there are plenty of them in this system. The main problem they are having is lack of consensus, not the inability to apply the control. Controls on the web are applied all over the place and thwarted just as quickly and even in the event of a pure consensus of all interested parties applying a full censorship to communication would, at the very least, be noticeable by the public. This single point is what is leading us up to such a cataclysmic change in or around 2012. We are about to find out what we are as humans and at the same time we will be examining our motives and methods of our planetary stewardship and it can all be seen happening in the very way that we talk to each other, imagine that! Obviously the highest purpose that could be aspired to for this time of history and the events of today would be to help to facilitate this transition of humanity from one of monetary dependence or enslavement to a higher calling of the human spirit and body. In that there is a full circle of intent for the value of the words spoken here.

Several other points will be mentioned too about the so called `break’. For some unknown reason the chapters were dated when completed and that has turned out to be a blessing in the way of being a virtual `Writer block solution’ because I was able to see exactly what was happening in a real time frame and it didn’t become an enigma as to when and why I suddenly quit writing. Luckily the news items that were found during that period were dated and so it seemed to me that my work was continuing even though I had broken down completely. I have not written a word on this part of the project for two months and so there must be some very strong reasons for that and I intend to delve into them here. First of all there is the problem of finding a publisher and then the added inconvenience of having to do revisions, inclusions and deletions at his whim or whim of unseen others whom he works for. This problem has probably stopped many a would-be author cold or caused them to quit prematurely and I was also concerned about the `book signing’s’ that I did not want to attend nor the problem of being robbed blind by the savvy publisher for all my rights. Two things come to mind. One; that a book of today must be digital first and that is easy to do if you have a website and two; that a book needs to be out there regardless the monetary arrangements, especially one that describes moderation in thought and act and applies it to now. Many of my projects do not get finished completely and fail for that very reason and my reputation is such that it is very common but truth be known some do get done and html is on my `always up to date and pertinent’ list as done and that’s not going to change any time soon. I’m on the web and it fits into my schedule and the projects that are digital get concluded so it’s time a book or two hit the bits and if all that INTS is made of in terms of copy is turned into chapters there is plenty already available for the first one.

The decision has been made that `Oh-One Digital press’ will handle the web delivery of this book and probably several others to the public free of charge to allow full circulation. Oh-One is a take off of my last name `Owen’ but the term `self published’ would better apply. The actual book is just a collection of chapters that were written in the order they appear to show some development of the thought process and make it a more difficult read that has some interesting underlying themes to it, if studied, but that is a lot to hope for as a first time author. I have written the equivalent of several books and partially completed two of them but this will be the first ever completed. All of the chapters will be included in the INTS curriculum and also available that way. This is a big step for me because I just hate it when I log onto a digital book I want to read and they want $12.95 for it. That sort of thinking is out the window because the information itself is well above such pecuniary matters and in fact purports to be the antithesis to monetarism. You will notice that I’m thinking out loud, using the forbidden I, me, my pronouns and turning this into a `psyche up the writer’ chapter which would probably be forbidden by any other publisher. Well I don’t care about that anymore, this book has become mine and I will write anything that I want from here on out and if you have problems with this attitude then just think of this as a learning experience and also a clue on what you can expect. No one really sets out to pour their entire being into a written work but that’s pretty well how it comes out in the first attempt.

Hopefully the merchandising will help to offset the loss of book sales revenue. Relying on donations does not even seem like an option but sales from the linked Rufus and Nsoar sites of `Laws of Reality’ tablets, the Rufus Pipes and the porcelain figures etc might become possible when hits are increased to a sales producing level. To advertise the book there has been an unusual but topical proposal that will likely see the light of day. All written works by Namron Soar are presently recorded in `Voice .wav files’ and linked to the articles so they can be listened to while one is relaxing or doing dishes and these will be attached to .mpgs or .avi video files and made available through Google vids and You Tube. When someone clicks on a chapter video on the web there will be a link back to the site and the opportunity to download the book. The Videos become the magnet to read the book, which in turn takes you to other chapters, the whole volume and eventually to the low-key merchandising that is employed, so if it works even I will be surprised. I can see no other solution. It was also thought that computer printed copies could be run off using commercial copy machines, bound and covered as necessary to cover the call for hard copies should that need arise. Discs could also be available containing the entire Nsoar `Institute of Non-Theoretical Science’ and most of the commemorative galleries of either with or without a hard copy of the Book OmenOwen `A Moderate Way’ which it is proposed, this be called.

Now we will examine the difficult question of `Why this book is needed and what unique things, if any, it offers’. The need is caused by the polarization of information that is found everywhere in the world today. Newspapers and other Media are referred to as `Media Whores’ as they are disallowed from actual news reporting, as mentioned previously, simply because they cannot ignore the compromises required by their advertisers and the political forces they promote. The other extreme is composed of conspiracy theorists that don’t know when to quit indicting and many times fall into the trap of citing accepted `truths’ about aliens and other dimensions that are completely unfounded. `A Moderate Way’ is about accepting what we are and trying to make the best of it and the accuracy of the information contained cannot be guaranteed but is nevertheless sought. The book announces to the world that there are unbiased places on the web run by those that have altruistic values and seek only truth, unification of all of humankind, end of war and universal caring for all. These are high ideals but they are there to contrast the baser instincts that are caused by money and power and these high ideals are very universal, even more so than you might think. Look around you and see how many wonderful people you know and think about the government programs that are designed by us to alleviate poverty and hunger and protect woman and children. There is good in this world and we simply have to make it a bit more universal.

As far as Uniqueness is concerned the author has been described as suffering from `terminal uniqueness’ but his views have been disallowed from the mainstream academic society (and I speak of myself in the third person) simply because there is no avenue for expression when one does not belong to any of these societies. Figmentalism isn’t based on any theory presently available although it largely resembles the foundation of much religious belief and much philosophy, as well, but has it’s own perspective that the entire world is adopting through this awakening. It is prophetic in that it states that all will eventually understand the simple truths of reality and the dark ages of materialism, capitalism and making war will end probably sometime around 2012. All of the information that humans can know is contained in this one work and beyond this plain truth lies only speculation.

We are rewriting our own world history on the web. Yesterday JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald who was in turn killed by Jack Ruby and every school teaches these facts but gradually they are being challenged all over. Pearl Harbor was caused by a Japanese attack called `till now, a `surprise’ attack but tomorrows history books will say differently. The first two atomic bombs were recorded in history books as deployed to `save lives’ but nothing could be further from the truth. These ugly things all have a new explanation as our world history undergoes vast changes. We now begin to remember things differently. Memory as the first chapter of this book reveals is an illusion so our history will continually alter as we learn new `facts’ about old events. I didn’t plan it this way but this chapter is dated 9-11 and rightly so. It commemorates my confrontation with fear and also what I believe is `duty’ to help others reveal the travesty of this date and all the ramifications that have gone before and must be now halted.

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