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*** Notes on Chapters

Chapter One: (1) The voice on this chapter leaves a lot to be desired and although it has been partially edited, my skills in this area are low. (2) Omen Owen is a cute use of semantics and nothing else. The actual Omen is the fact that these days this book is speaking to the choir (to coin an expression) meaning simply, that everyone I sit down to chat with says the things that are highlighted here, namely that there are a number of very undemocratic things going on in our societies, and it’s an alarm. The voice transcripts are sometimes a bit odd but they are the best that can be done at this point. Apologies for the coughing and throat clearing and also the editing. The odd laugh in later chapters might seem out of place but cannot be avoided.

Chapter Two: (1) These first two chapters are admittedly a bit dry and I suspected that they were too deeply academic but my buddy Kurt assures me that they are accessible by the general public and the hope is that the voice transcripts will help in this area.

Chapter Three: (1) Counter culture has existed forever and they collectively produce the next cultural shift. (2) In no way should one rely the counter culture literature or media to me more reliable than mainstream lit, but one may prefer the breath of fresh air, no extra charge for the aliens and extra dimensions or universes.

Chapter Four: (1) The Laws of Reality make no pretence to command humanity in any way (they are not twelve commandments). It must be emphasized that there is only one law that may be said as it was in old religious philosophy (Hindu) "All is Illusion" and the INTS approach of creating 12 laws out of this that counter popular tradition is unique, if not poetic and intended to be all-encompassing (which they probably aren’t).

Chapter Five: (1) The Science of the Entity or rather "Entitic Science" is a somewhat ’coined’ term but an attempt to bring some science back into this study.

Chapter Six: (1) This is where the Non-Theoretical approach of INTS is really tested. All non-theory is quite unlike Nonreal Entitic Science (more coined words) which is only conjectural, colloquial and argumentative. (2) The primary purpose of NES Law is to challenge our normal perspective through an attempt to describe the indescribable.

Chapter Seven: (1) Most of this falls into the catagory of ’Memoirs’ of yours truly and could make a book of it’s own.(2) JFRO is an expression from long before the web and means ’Just Leave Right Now’.. sorta.

Chapter Eight: (1) I am an advocate of freedom of choice when it comes to drugs and I mean all drugs.(2) I am not however, an advocate of drinking and driving or intoxication by other and subsequently driving. This happened in my prime when I was somewhat confused about this issue and it will have to be chocked up to the exuberance of youth. (However it might be mentioned that my driving record has always remained quite spotless due to diligence and the ability to control stones).

Chapter Nine: (1) This is quite a long chapter and does not have specific notations to back up what it claims of the religious philosophies expressed. This is a common occurrence with the entire book and uses only general reference to both Philosophy and Religion in their respective galleries.(2) The voice transcript took 4 separate recording sessions of which the first had to be shredded. Finally I just spelled the words I couldn’t say and my apologies to those languages and people. (3) The chapter shows primarily, that what INTS calls figmentalism has been practiced in all old religious philosophy.

Chapter Ten: (1) This exposes just how disgraceful we are as humans, indulging in acts of war against the innocent for the sake of colonization and profit. (2) Again this chapter belabors the fact that 9-11 was an inside job as if more proof were needed. I want this on the record in the hopes that one day we will, as a society, make an attempt to set this travesty right, at least historically.

Chapter Eleven: (1)About Philosophy throughout recorded time.

Chapter Twelve: (1)The Human shape may well transcend our individual deaths.

Chapter Thirteen: (1) This chapter truly shows that the unfortunate corrupt leadership of the US and Canada is not altogether Worldwide.(2) Note: The Canadian Government is not as completely corrupt as the US but like most other countries of the world under the invisible nuclear/colonizing thumb of Big Bro USSA.

Chapter Fourteen: (1) The voice link beside Armageddon is in a Scottish accent and a bit of a joke. Armageddon was written prior to the book and the sentiment seemed appropriate for this chapter.

Chapter Fifteen: (1) Exploring the link between our own culpability and that of the state/oligarch.

Chapter Sixteen: (1) Yes there was changes made because at the end of this writing there was an underlying sense that we are all responsible so many of the actual names were removed to make it less on an indictment of specific individuals and more of a collective indictment. (2)Expletives were removed to allow this to be read in all schools. (3) Osama might not be dead, I don’t even know why I said that.

Chapter Seventeen: (1) One of the reasons one should be so adamant about freedom of choice when it comes to drugs is because big money, big power, government, church and state have been dealing them forever and when they attempt to put us behind bars for the same thing they are doing is an abomination.

Chapter Eighteen: (1) The mention of ’Nignogs, Slants, Nippers or Cong’ in no way reflects our feeling (at INTS or generally in the world) about the people slandered by this quote. It come from various newscasts in which soldiers, quite unfit mentally for their duties referred to fellow human beings in a demeaning way.

Chapter Nineteen: (1) Probably a good example of coming out of writers block.(2) Self Publishing has gone quite well.

Chapter Twenty: (1) These things had to be said.(2) We do not realize as a world culture that in order to have movies, stories of intrigue, Hollywood and high conflict we need enemies and they wind up being the classical Japanese, Russian or German who were unfairly vilified by those who have falsified history. Time for us to start getting this corrected.

Chapter Twenty One: (1) More about 2012.

Chapter Twenty Two: (1) The Leonard Cohen song ’Everybody Knows’ should be playing in the background on this one.

Chapter Twenty Three: (1) We don’t pretend to understand things like ’naked short selling’ mentioned here. Many pronouncements are made disdaining these practices and others simply designed to cheat the unwary. (2) The web is composed of Twitter, U-tube and Peer to Peer etc. that is hard enough to control in a systemic sense but when you think that the telephones of the world are now video capable there is a tremendous change taking place in the watchdog effect on the Police and other institutions due to this. Grassroots needs more organization. (3) Fiat bucks simply means that the money is printed on the volition of the fed or other government and has no backing in gold or relation to GNP.

Chapter Twenty Four: (1) Remember that Omen Owen is a cute use of semantics and nothing else. The actual Omen is the fact that these days this book is speaking to the choir (to coin an expression) meaning simply, that everyone I sit down to chat with says the things that are highlighted here, namely that there are a number of very undemocratic things going on in our societies, and it’s an alarm. If you are wondering why there is not more direct advice on how society could construct a real moderate way, well that subject could be investigated more thoroughly in subsequent INTS writing. At this point you get the picture. The key to the universe is within ourselves and the unfinished nature of this book just comments on how unprepared we all are and shocked by this revelation.


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