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~ The Terrorists (are in the Whitehouse) ~ ID 2080 June 17, 2008 ~ Chapter 14 ~ Oh 1 Digital Press

Note about editing: Jan 28, 2009 while rereading I noticed that it’s a bit of a mouthful here and there and not well written but I’m just so (expletive) about all this that I’m going to leave it alone. It don’t gotta be pretty.

In our modern world everything is made of oil. If you consider a banana and you live in the Ozark mountains it has so much transportation associated with it that it might as well be made of the black gold. It is in a wood crate that was once a tree and was cut down and shaped with oil (or it’s derivatives). It is wrapped with plastic that is long chain polymers derived from crude. It is kept in ten different buildings or transport environments that are either heated or cooled with oil. When the black stuff runs out we are going to have to find alternatives for all these conveniences and that process has been sorely neglected as if this stuff would never run out.

Oil comes from a layer in the ground that was once massive aggregations of carbon trapped in decaying life forms thought to be dinosaurs until recently. Scholars in the field now believe that a cycle of high carbon concentration in the atmosphere caused a cataclysm that not only killed the dinosaurs but also created a very large increase in plankton and sea life that died off and became this layer. It shows up almost everywhere as a black oily shale layer in mountainous or hilly areas where strata are exposed. It was originally discovered just lying around in pools or bubbling up from the ground and only the kerosene was initially extracted and used to replace the blubber oil from whales that was deteriorating in supply due to overfishing. At that point in history oil was only used for lighting as had the whale oil but the process involved in extracting discrete portions or fractions was evolving and bringing with it the industrial age. on the one hand it is fortuitous for our whales that we found an alternative but damning of our population to think that we would have killed them all off just for profit. This is an important point that will be carried through this entire chapter and others that we as a group are incredibly stupid, gullible, greedy and actually deserve the worst fate we can get. (The article ’Armageddon’ attached to this section contains such sentiment.)

These chapters were dated for a variety of reasons but one of them was to fix in time the feelings about the world leadership and since the American Presidency and those in power around the president center on the (previoUS admin) and have affected the world so profoundly regarding their decisions about oil, these comments concern them only and not subsequent administrations. First of all the (previoUS admin) presidency is illegal. How the American public has missed this very point is beyond me. You cannot tell me that voting irregularities like those experienced in both (previoUS admin) elections have no mention whatever in the American constitution. I’m not going to belabor the point but some 90,000 persons were placed on a special list of criminals just before the Florida election took place and not allowed to vote. After the election Bush was shown to have won by about 150 votes and the vast majority of those on that list were proved to be not criminals and unlikely to have voted for Bush. In the following election in Iowa the Blacks and largely Democratic voting public was forced to wait in line for up to five hours because the voting machines had been unfairly distributed. Also the voting machines were rigged with an executable on the tally cards that altered the votes in favor of (previoUS admin) which was clearly a criminal act and no one was brought to account for any of the activities. These irregularities will probably be used to cause Obama to loose in favor of Mc Cain in the upcoming election unless someone figures out how to get an honest election in America and again I’m not holding my breath.

(Note added Jan 28, 2009 ~ Well I was doubly wrong.. A- Obama survived and B- the myth of two parties is a.. myth.)

Part of the problem is a curious lack of dissension among US media. America stopped printing news about the time Nixon was impeached and now the entire so-called news gathering and dissemination process is a giant farce of lies. The only real news that comes out of the US is the underground produced movies that are condemned by the (previoUS admin) as being ’Conspiracy Theories’. Part of that condemnation is correct in that they do involve conspiracy but they aren’t theories, at least not all of them. It’s a well known fact that media such as newspapers, magazines, TV and radio have been coming under the control of fewer and fewer overall owners and the smaller independent news services have all but disappeared. It’s also a well known fact that anyone that criticizes the powers that be, namely (previoUS admin) et al will come under scrutiny firstly by the immediate owner of the media and subsequently by the government using some kind of moral slash economic persuasion. I have heard George giving this speech pitting his government against those that speak out in unamerican ways. So in America it’s Un American to tell the truth. I have also heard the gutless media people complaining about their enslavement and inability to write news anymore but I know what it’s like because in Canada the newspaper that I worked for as a reporter was purchased by Thompson News Service and there was the immediate understanding that anyone that crossed party lines would be reprimanded by the publisher through the editor and then fired should he fail to conform. So we have a government that has no vocal critics that can use mainstream media and the ones that do manage to fight the good fight are on an uphill battle ground that ends with `The Fix being in’ and their battle lost in the end.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the NSA (National Security Administration) are basically licenses to kill in the US and used as weapons against the rest of the world and against their own people. Nobody knows what ’Black Ops’ are carried out on a daily basis and by which organization and there is absolutely no accountability for any of the things that these organizations do. Someone had to place all those explosives in the twin towers and in building seven and it certainly wasn’t Al Queda because it takes at least a month to do such a thing and there is no way that they would have the resources to accomplish that. The work must have been carried out by a special detail group that would have been associated with the building of the bomb proof floor on building seven that was probably used as the command and control center for all three demolitions. This was probably the reason that building seven had to be destroyed and there must have been hundreds of people that have witnessed parts of this but have been warned with life threats not to come forth. The simplest proof of all of this is the illegal removal of all the materials of the destructions and no independent body has ever been privy to inspection of these materials plus the damning fact that all were thoroughly and secretly destroyed. All three buildings fell ostensibly by fire and this has never happened before in the modern history of the steel reinforced concrete building so this triple precedent must, by law be investigated and our building practices be altered forever to avoid such weaknesses and those responsible for such faulty construction be charged. None of this happened.

The average response time to scramble fighters in the US is about 15 minutes max. and this has been proven time and time again. The passenger liner that supposedly hit the Pentagon was hijacked for over an hour and no jets intercepted it yet again no heads rolled for this failure, so obviously there was no failure. These things are fact and not idle conjecture by some conspiracy zealot. You can look at the videos of the buildings being collapsed and they did so at near free fall speed and you can hear the people commenting all around about the explosions and you can hear testimony about explosions that occurred prior to the planes hitting but will any of this ever see the light of day, that is the question. The American presidency has a strangle hold on the public with multiple secret agencies that have no watchdog whatsoever. Who has a strangle hold on the Presidency? Years ago Dwight D. Eisenhower who was a General of the Army and probably the last president you would expect to give such a warning told us that we should beware the time when the ’Industrial Military Complex’ gained too much power and influence over government. Well it was already too late when he made this announcement because that was already the status quo in the US. In the early 40s Franklin D. Roosevelt tried a number of ways to get Japan to make some overt act of war on the US and why? Was it because he was just being a good president and had the best interests of middle America at heart? There is no reason for Roosevelt to desperately want to go to war unless those that supported him and made him president in the first place represented war manufacture and profited directly from these conflicts. Roosevelt received dozens of warnings that Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked and he is personally responsible for the 1900 lives of American service men that died in the area that fateful day simply because he did not allow the information to be transmitted to Pearl. Perhaps this problem goes back even further than the second world war but the cruel truth of this era is in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US military establishment, controlling the US government used German scientists removed from the other war front to create a devastating weapon and they needed a place and a population to test it on. The idea that they were trying to sell and have been trying ever since to sell that the Japanese were unwilling to capitulate was absolute nonsense. There was not even a need to invade Japan. Their expansion had been thwarted in a most overwhelming way and the last of their navy lay at the bottom of Leyte Gulf and they were helpless to resist further. The idea that the war was shortened and American soldiers lives were saved by the use of Nuclear Warfare was also nonsense considering that Japan was suckered into the war in the first place and the American War Machine loved killing it’s own and always has.

There is still another factor that plays an important role in all of this intrigue. It’s the typical American flag waving patriot that refuses to believe that all the soldiers that died did so for the almighty buck and not for freedom. First of all with the terrorists that are in the Whitehouse, right now, you can take the freedom idea and chuck it out and secondly there is considerable doubt that any of the wars of history have ever been about anything other than wealth. There is a general apathy brought about by the abundance of oil that keeps the public from questioning authority. The average American and Canadian for that matter, will shrug off 911, saying that "the big boys will cheat a bit and that’s expected and what can you do anyway?" About two days ago I tried to tell an older Canadian male about what I had discovered regarding 911, that it was an inside job, and he selectively misheard me. I repeated what I had said asking if his son in Texas had any comments about these revelations. It was as if I was talking about one thing and he another and there was no communication on the subject and I was deliberately ignored even though he is a very good friend of mine. This is the problem that takes on a variety of forms and it comes down to questioning authority. It comes down to questioning an authority that has the capacity to do absolutely anything with no recriminations so most just don’t want to go there. The story of oil as it unfolds just may be the catalyst to get us to open this can of worms.

Namron Soar

This next article is complete and called "Armageddon". This is plainly written by someone that is quite angry and there is a reference to "figmentalism" linked above. There is no need to accept figmentalism to appreciate the article. It simply means that WE are responsible for our dilemma and not some creating Diety such as God.

--is it a religious thing or just us--

If any intelligent consideration on the topic of Armageddon is to be approached, one must first examine Humanity itself to be able to see our future. Armageddon is a clearly a Human thing and whether you have religious beliefs or not, our bad habits are clearly the cause. The future is plain. Armageddon is what the Earth needs to cleanse itself, but what is the earth without us? The earth needs less of us, or for us to convert to a caring lot. The Hippies told us so years ago and like all others were ignored.

Contributing factors 

«		Overpopulation and the failure of general contraception
«		Failure to feed the poorest
«		Rampant diseases such as aids in Zambia and failure of drug supply system
«		Melting Polar ice caps
«		Generally higher summer temperatures
«		Ozone depletion
«		Greenhouse gas and the failure to stem production
«		Failure of Kyoto style agreements to be implemented in a realistic way
«		Apparent increase in world weather anomalies/disasters
«		Widening disparity between rich and poor
«		Corporate thrust causing subsequent failure or dilution of ecological movements
«		Pampering the first world inhabitants with all manner of luxury
«		Each individual country’s self interest causing failure of world co-operation
«		Religious dogma causing more failure of world co-operation
«		Silent terrorism of the established systems and the resulting counter-terrorism
«		The worlds rich stealing the resources of the poor
«		Modern day colonialism referred to as peace keeping
«		Increasing technology and failure of recycling systems
«		Money and the desire for success at the expense of everything
«		Highly developed war machines and explosives
«		Delicate infrastructures and public panic making modern cities very prone to failure
«		Highly overextended individual and government debt load
«		In short almost everything you think of these days

Where did we come from? Are we a result of mindless evolutionary matter that periodically and spontaneously creates life or are we the result of a conscious religious entity that we refer to as "God"? We seem to forget that all theories and theologies were created by us. Absolutely none of them have been proven. The possibility remains that we not only created these beliefs but also the "God or Gods" of which they speak. Lucifer and the afterlife may well be simply products of our invention. If that is the case then there is still hope to be able to cope with Armageddon because "God" isn’t going to cause it, we are.

We deserve Armageddon and the end of previous times are due. We are all getting very tired of the newscasts that tell us things like the drug companies won’t supply Zambian Aids victims because they are unable to exact their typical pound of flesh. An Alien view of our planet would reveal that we are unable to share. The whole human race, save a few, has not yet learned to share. Few humans reach what any alien view could call adulthood. The status-quo has gone sour. Armageddon is a welcome change. We fight over resources like kids in a toy box. The end is near. If you survive the end of times you will loose your childish thoughts and learn a caring philosophy. These are not scare tactics to further some agenda, short of things making sense for a change. Something like Armageddon is happening right now and there is nothing that we are doing to stop it, apart from silly lip-service nonsense like Kyoto and peace talks that go nowhere.

Continuing the alien view would find us to be sexual beings and our inability to control populace apparent. Thus the inherent greed, but there is still hope. As long as the possibility remains that we created God and all the various religious passages for our so-called guidance, we can then create a reasonable and practical solution and avoid the worst of it. (As my kid would say "Ya like that’s gonna happen.")

Like Children all we do here is play the money game. Many of us are completely without this artificial commodity and not allowed to play or eat. The homeless have already seen Armageddon and the hungry are the living apocalypse. Eating our way to happiness while others starve is our primary sin against ourselves and our world.

Disregarding all present theories and theologies there is but one alternative that should be our guide. We are essentially figmentalist in nature and what you think, you see and it becomes real. We are the Earth itself and even our Universe. We are collectively an entity that does not know of it’s origin but realizes it’s existence. We are collectively out of control and the apocalypse is nigh. WE are the ones responsible for this catastrophe. None of us can be proud of our Earth stewardship and the warnings are manifold. This same Earth is reacting to these insults and is beginning to shed the cause, namely us, unless we realize our oneness with it and enter adulthood and begin anew.

In conclusion there is little hope for us given our record. The likelihood of corporate philosophy and practice being replaced by the human desire for peace and plenty for all, is minuscule. With greed for convenience comes the need for the organized to pillage the world supplies from the disorganized. This is the root cause of all war. Our pollution levels are changing the atmosphere as we speak and rising dramatically as poorer nations become able to emulate the richer ones by becoming just as wasteful. People are so greedy that they just want to be able to get their fast food from the nearest store and throw the wrappers on the ground. They do not wish to take any responsibility for either the source of the food or the mess it creates. Virtually all of our manufactured goods wind up as waste sooner or later.

Our entire factory system is dedicated to turning our material supplies into garbage and this is largely due to fashion. Making things truly recyclable and taking responsibility for the maintenance of these basics is not a corporate interest and legislators are a slave to what is referred to as: the bottom line. The real bottom line is the world we live in and the responsibility to end conflict, tidy up our habits and in general grow up and do a little plain thinking. Armageddon is well underway, just visit the multitudes of Aids victims in Africa, the starving in many places of the world or the bombed out in Afghanistan or Iraq. We are all surely doomed and deservedly so.

Namron Soar

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