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~ Oil Futures and the Future of Integrity ~ ID 2248 June 18, 2008 ~ Chapter 15 ~ Oh 1 Digital Press

As with all who concern themselves with such questions of life, I have a colleague with whom I try to discuss my great breakthroughs and naturally he is most resistant to everything. Kurt is a great part of my life simply because of this bond but as far as Idealism is concerned he has always dismissed it because he cannot see how we could cause ourselves such great pain as one finds primarily in physical existence and partly within mental existence. This question always comes up as the great counter to any such pronouncement of consciousness being responsible solely for life.

The question of America and the future of oil finds Kurt with some very quick and dirty answers. To him there is no doubt whatever of the complicity of the American authority figure in all forms of illicit intrigue. He told me right at the beginning that 911 was created for the purpose of expansion into Afghanistan and Iraq and many books including one by Zbigniew Brzezinski have long foretold the need of US incursion into the middle east for the sake of oil and more control of predominantly Moslem held territory. The Arabs and other oil producing nations are good at a lot of things but organizing for war is not one of them. Colin Powell, for all the foul misdeeds he participated in was always reputed to be a `reticent warrior’ and warned the (previoUS admin) on many occasions that the `Terrorist BS’ was wearing thin on the US public and most of them already knew that it was (expletive). He even used some swear words to that effect displaying his disdain for the travesty that America had become. He has since been succeeded by Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state and she now has the task of very carefully wording threats and spin documents that are disseminated worldwide containing a variety of mistruths.

Kurt warned me that my naivety was utterly profound if I even considered that the American presidency had any volition whatever and this was years ago that he told me about the evil underground workings of the military industrialists but I failed to understand this. So now that the gas prices at this point in time are rising in Canada at the rate of about one cent per liter every fill up and Air Canada has announced that it is very close to bankruptcy. Chevrolet is also verging on chapter eleven as they call it. The taxi companies are being allowed to vary their rates according to current fuel prices. Air carriers are in the news constantly with fuel surcharges and luggage fees. Trucking companies are finding themselves hard put to keep up with the constantly renewed economic conditions. People in Calgary who have recently been immune to the slowing of the Canadian economy are now feeling the pinch as the real estate market collapses and this since Sept 2007. In short this crunch is going to be world wide and not just a US thing.

In about 1956 M King Hubbert began to talk about a thing called `Peak Oil’ and many in the business tried to discredit his findings. He predicted that the US homeland oil production would top out in about 1965 to 1970 meaning that in that year the maximum number of barrels of oil would be extracted from the fields and it would be downhill from then on. New exploration failed to yield results to change this prediction and as history has recorded he was bang on. He continued on to tell that there would also be a `Peak Oil’ on a world scale and the date of this is largely conjectural due to the fact that we do not have an accurate figure on OPEC reserves but from all opinions and from the figures that we do have it seems that this date has already passed probably in 2006. The Chinese have just begun to produce automobiles on a world scale and auto production worldwide of gas powered vehicles is still not even close to peak but will be shortly. As mentioned everything is made of oil, delivered with oil, stored with oil, packaged with oil etc. etc. ad infinitum and we are totally unprepared for this great change. If we had even begun to seriously attempt to make intelligent non-polluting cars years ago we would have this development underway but instead the oil companies curtailed any thing that wasn’t gas guzzling and that makes you wonder where the almighty government was when decisions like this needed to be made.

Maybe besides the apathy of the masses, the collusion of the media, the military industrial stranglehold of government, the unbridled secret agencies that have the power to do mayhem and the `Freedom Spouting’ presidency quashing freedom, there is still another player that binds the misdeeds of the oil industry to the military plotters. This one I uncovered myself and Kurt was not the least surprised when I informed him of my findings. It seems that if you ask the (previoUS admin) who the Fed really is they just can’t give you an official answer. They will tell you that the Fed is the Federal Reserve Bank of USA and as such is acting as the primary banking institution of the USA and virtually controls the funding of all of the projects. But the term ’acting’ requires closer inspection. The Fed has a long history of unethical misdeeds in it’s rise to power and these go back to the turn of the century when it was attempting to become established as the controlling factor in US banking and monetary policy. How, you will ask has an organization been able to function coherently for over a hundred years and still there is no general public knowledge of it’s existence? Well you must first realize that the world has always had rich men and women that get richer by gaining control of anything of value and the US was considered a target from day one. Governments are designed to avoid this type of control and if they worked properly such as Castro’s Cuba or Chavez’ Venezuela the money interests would be subservient to the constitution but somewhere in the `30s the US lost control and it’s been a downhill race for complete control since then. The Federal reserve bank of the good old USA is a consortium of financial institutions that share the spoils of war, oil, toil, taxes and any other exploits that they wish to embark on and nobody can do a damn thing about it. It isn’t part of the United States as most people think. Several lawyers have tried to find the law that states that you are required to make a federal tax return but no such law exists and people just fill them out because they get them in the mail and they seem official.

So there you have the complete system. A government that has had it’s hands tied by big money interests for years and a secret system of policing and exploits that rivals any gestapo or reputed dictatorship. Think of how easy it is to shut someone up in a system like that. You have a totally irresponsible black op’s capability that can hire an unknown to call you and ostensibly tell you that you will come to harm if you don’t shut up. You cannot go to the police or the government to complain about this thug, he represents the very government and if his threat doesn’t shut you up you can have an accident, like Bobby Kennedy’s airplane crash. He was about to tell the world that JFK had been killed by these black op’s but suffered the same fate. What would you do if you got a phone call? You would do what I should probably do and throw this manuscript in the garbage but on the other hand these people are so fully in control of all the various chaos that exists and we so deserve this control by our very apathetic habit that they might miss it until it’s published. Actually I’m kidding myself if I think anything like this would hit mainstream Canadian culture right off. I’m quite prepared for the rejections that this type of exposé engenders.

Martin Luther King was killed by James Earl Ray. Read your history books. Problem is Mr Ray recounted his confession when he figured out he was a patsy. Problem is James wasn’t even there when the bullet was fired from behind the bar, in the brush where the killer was hiding. King was set up in a motel room where he was exposed on a walkway and forced to leave the motel that he and his entourage had chosen. The owner of the bar had stored a rifle for a day before the killing and got rid of it after it was used. The Texas police had the brush cleared away the next day so that shows their collusion. When King, JFK and Bobby were killed a bit of me died with them and I never really accepted the official findings but now thanks to the conspiracy movies I am finally able to believe that I understand who killed them and why. Even the movie JFK tells the truth by asking "who had both the ability to pull it off and the greatest motive to do it?"

Kurt’s cynicism is very true and as it turns out he expects the worst and history proves him correct but still I have hope and I really think he does too. I was under the impression about three months ago when the US mortgage market was in the throws of pulling off another gigantic scam, that together with the effect of ten trillion in debt the US would be brought to it’s collective knees by insolvency. I began to post a blog outlining any news that seemed to show evidence that this was about to happen mainly because I have never been able to figure out how a nation could survive with that massive a debt and growing almost exponentially with the wars and all. I even had an additional page of blog on how the fed was reacting by manipulating interests and rescuing major financial institutions with cash that was obviously freshly printed. I just couldn’t figure out how the finances of the States worked because no model would fit. It seemed that the President could go to the Senate and ask for billions more month after month and they always said yes and I really was convinced that any single devastating factor could push them over the brink and they would find themselves insolvent. I even predicted that they would get over the problem by proposing that the whole world hold a debt moratorium because I figured that US insolvency would have such a snowball effect that everyone would be involved but Kurt has shown me the way. First I found out about the Fed and my eyes began to open. The Fed thrives on chaos. Whichever major financial institutions owns the US reserve bank and I have seen lists of who these people are, own much of the rest of the world as well.

If you take the thirty richest people on the planet you can be sure that most of them have a chunk of good old USA and what happens to the indebtedness is not a concern of theirs but rather their profit. They worked for years collapsing the smaller banks in the US and in the 30’s created a crash that gave them the right to legislate such a body as the Fed and slowly manipulated the gold standard out of the way creating an exclusive right to govern the money supply and with no restraints they can now print whatever they wish. They actually loan this money with interest tacked on (and they chose the interest rate) to the Federal Government and all the taxes collected go to keep their massive compounding interest at bay, paid directly to them by the public. The idea that the US is in financial difficulty is a myth and the idea that they are in debt and in danger of anything at all is another myth. Bush has no control over any decisions regarding money short of where he wants to pick up his burgers and fries. He has no control over whom he starts a war with and the idea that poor old George is the cause of 911 or Afghanistan or any of it goes right into the myth basket along with the others.

I haven’t updated my blog on this subject and it still sits there on Namronsoar.Com pretending to be the latest and the most brilliant crystal ball gazing on what is essentially supposed to be an environment driven bit of news reporting. Yes that’s how all this began. The great environmental issues of today spawned a study of the culprit identified as manufacturing; irresponsible polluting manufacturing powered by profit. Now I am beginning to see something a bit different. We are all very responsible for this event and the funny thing is that the rich and powerful are going to get bit in the ass just as all of us are because it doesn’t matter how rich you are. A screwed environment won’t respond to any amount of cash.

Namron Soar

(Jan 29, 2009 editing) The blog mentioned has been turned into an Economy slash News collection of both mainstream and web writing and at this point the economic meltdown is still an enigma. Kurt would say that the Monopoly game is ending this round and the big banks are picking up their winnings including the pension money saved by aging Americans. Does this really suck? The Peak Oil thing has been researched again and again but still there is no definitive answer to the question of "Are we running out of oil or is the story a manufactured item."

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