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Non-Theory is the chosen method of study for this following. The Institute, though with high ideals is in it’s infancy and with little regard but stumbles on with a two-fold goal. First to show the completed work on what has historically been referred to as ‘Idealism’ and referred to here as ‘Figmentalism’, touting the ‘Laws of Reality’. Second, to apply this new perspective to the social complexities of nominal reality.

Attempting to remove all theoretical considerations from a system of thinking seems to leave very little to study but what is left has the advantage of being nearer to absolute and may even be considered as absolute. Non-theory began during an accident of creative thinking. The results of particle accelerators or atom smashers where being coupled with the present day string theories in an effort to make some sense of their findings. One of the possible outcomes was quite obvious. Perhaps these cyclotrons had actually proved that separating matter and energy could not be achieved. String theory has been around a long time and seemed ready to provide an alternative should something like this occur and string theory just happens to be incredibly unstudyable. If matter and energy are inseparable then they must be the same thing, thus E would equal M and all previous scientific thinking in this area would be adjusted accordingly.

Other theories seemed equally as weak. The father of all evolutional theories; ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is referred to a variety of times, here, because it is so preposterous. Non-theory now provides a much more sensible alternative to our so-called evolution. It can be thought of as a complete system of thinking or a perspective separate from both theology and all previous theories.

Rather than waiting for this to be adopted in schools or perhaps while waiting for such an eventuality INTS is presenting this offering to learning in the form of a University setting. It is hoped that you will find that the discussion of ‘Idealism’ has been completed and that the resulting ‘laws of reality’ warrant a place in history and academics.

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