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If Non-theory happens to be your pet theory then that’s an Oxymoron.   -ID 579 Oxy~ July 30 2006

Much can be made of the idea that non-theory or anti-theory is just another theoretical approach and the Institute makes little of that. Non-theoretical science is simply based on what we already know for sure, unlike theoretical science which only attempts to prove theories using non-theory. To use an example; Darwin’s origin of the species is part of mainstream science’ approach to our origin through theoretical evolution. Observing creatures on a remote island, as Darwin did, prompted him to theorize on their obvious unique character and the cause of it. His conclusions have been so accepted, since those days, that they have become part of what we generally believe as a populace. That, however does not make them true. Just because we believe that we or our animals spontaneously mutate in tiny stages to become another creature, over time, doesn’t mean it actually happens and in fact this part of Darwinian evolution is beginning to loose favor among evolutionists and has never been very popular with creationists. Still it is well established in our schools, as is the popular molecular/atomic theory that is slowly being replaced by supersymmetery or string theory.

Although non-theory has not been developed to any extent it is unlikely that it will ever be able to change as does theoretical science. The big bang theory was recently realized to be completely ridiculous unless it was converted to the big bang bounce theory in which our universe rebounds through a series of creational points instead of just one. Now the creationists are gaining ground over these evolutionists but mainstream schools are generally prohibited from teaching any theological point because of the wide variety of religious representation.

The practical sides of non-theory are that it uses no theological viewpoint nor unproven scientific theory. This Institute adds to that by prohibiting anything other than an ecumenical view, in order to be able to include all, yet allows the reference to a creating deity and/or anti-deity without a particular religious perspective. Quoting from written religious passages of any denomination is also foregone to allow proper debate. Non-theoretical papers are also every day science such as ’The efficiency of machines’ that may involve political perspectives, historic rhetoric and mechanical reference that all may be oxymoronic quasi theory. The division still remains clear to us but is clouded for the newcomer due solely to semantics.


This section is the entrance to written work that does not necessarily apply to the very important nature of the work being done by the Institute. Some may be a bit overly creative or perhaps even counter productive to world peace and good stewardship of the planet but they need a place to reside where written work lives and this is their home.

Most have never been published in any way, short of being here in cyberspace and all would dearly love to be printed in a magazine or newspaper, but sadly that will probably never happen because they are largely "fringe" material and totally unsuitable for the mainstream "nice" publications.

You are invited to comment on any of these as well, or submit your own lonely Oxymorons and I’ll put them up for you.

Hallucination      ID 671 Hal~ Apr 06 2006

The mind itself is a mysterious thing and most mysterious is hallucination. The study of such phenomenon requires the usual trials and willing participants. Clinical and legal procedures must be observed. Participants must realize that changes are permanent and cannot be undone. What the subjects sees can never be forgotten nor disbelieved. Hallucinations are just that real.

That being said; the project is very cumbersome and time consuming. Data was collected over a "several year" period in an ongoing three-decade study and can now be revealed in a very concise form.

The Entity

Hallucination is caused by the acceleration (frames per second) of the capacity of the mind. This is only a natural occurrence that happens without the use of hallucinogens in situations such as when a short-distance runner leaves the line. Professional athletes often tell of the moment their mind switches into slow-mo and the apparency of time is processed more rapidly, but slows for the observer. A sudden accident such as a motorcycle leaving the roadway at speed will cause the driver to experience his "life flashing before his eyes" similarly explained by the minds ability to increase the speed with which it records images and sound plus the ability of the mind to create superfluous manifestations that have no bearing on the event.

Clinical study of hallucination may proceed in the following way; Safety precautions are paramount. Administering a hallucinogen can be considered a criminal act and these problems must be dealt with prior to any experiment. Substances such LSD, "magic mushrooms" and peyote are illegal both to possess and ingest. Needless to say the trials were rare and always spontaneous. In the raw form it is best to study individuals that have already ingested hallucinogens, of their own volition, such as at a drug crisis center or rehab. Self tests are not advised due to the dangers involved.

Hallucinogens are very, very small trigger elements that merely "enable" the processes of the brain to compound and the capacity to increase toward the infinite. Where or how memory is stored is not part of this dialog but it must be realized that the mind has the capacity to store primarily visual references in a moving-picture, pictorial way. The subject "sees" something and can recall it later.

Once a suitable subject is located, have them sit forward at the edge of a chair or sofa, hands on knees, back and head bent horizontally, staring blankly at the floor. Do not distract them with questions about what they see. Allow them to go into the trance while you sprinkle beach sand from above their field of vision onto the floor in front of them. This area becomes the canvas of hallucination and they may recount their apparitions spontaneously or later as the case may be. It is important to note that the sand should be sprinkled slowly and steadily for more than a minute. The grains of sand are usually invisible to the subject as they fall to the surface but they rebound and interfere with each other creating patterns that are not seen by the clinical observer. The accelerated brain function of the subject will be triggered and unusual visualization will be recorded in memory as if the sand had really created these patterns. Cartoon faces and animals are typically recorded with a complete history of the event that can be very lengthy.

A typical subject can recall years later; ’I saw a clown that kept calling me. All I could see was his face and his hands at the side telling me to come in there.’ It is assumed he meant the clown was beckoning him to enter the field of hallucination.

This is all grass roots stuff. Nothing here is new save the style of this presentation. We have confirmed that hallucination is a natural thing and can be triggered artificially as well, that the unused portion of the brain is employed during these periods and that both memory and visualization speeds are altered.

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