How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Friday October 19th 2011 ~ Chapter Nine ~ The Human Form ~ ID 1702

Naturally I have to make this dissertation as personal as possible. When the web first began in 1996 (others may claim that it began much earlier but this reference is when it hit worldwide acceptance late in 1995 as Win 95 first came out making it useable for the general public) my website was called appropriately enough ’The Human Form’ because it contained sculptures in ceramic that were original and mostly of humans of all ages, and you might have guessed, all nudes. There was really nothing seedy about these since they were all in good taste but quite nude and I still sell them today. Many people realize that the human form had to have been designed by some mind outside the body since there seems to be such beauty and commitment to pleasant architecture, texture, tone and subtleness that could not simply be happenstance or natural selection that most all schools teach. Those that argue for Idealism in Philosophic circles call it "intelligent design" and refer, not only to people but birds, flowers, scenery and basically everything. There seems to be such a preponderance of reasons that things, and I mean all things, including supernovas, were created from the outside rather than the inside as would be required by the Big Bang Evolutionists or DNA freaks. Well if it wasn’t God who designed everything including us then who was it?

This Book is still called ’How the Brain Works’ and we are still on that subject but now we have thrown away the physical brain idea and supplanted it with ’How the Mind Works’ because even though there isn’t a brain per se, there is very definitely a mind and they both can be said to operate the same way or more correctly are the same thing. Classical realism teaches that the brain is the physical part or organ that contains the mind or thinking systems and this is patently absurd since there is absolutely no account that has ever been written that postulates even a reasonable theory on how the mind is able to view the world, record it for later (memory), operate all the systems of the body and at the same time think up how to skip school while carrying on a conversation with his/her prof. If you don’t believe me, look it up, you’ve got a computer, Google your ass off. What you will find, as pointed out earlier, is regions of the brain that are purported to do this and that and a lot of highfalutin mumbo jumbo that is just trying to snow you and other students into believing that scientists have some clue as to how the brain really works. It aint so!

Everything was designed from the outside in, including the human and done so by a mind that belonged to a human or humans and I’ll have to hypothecate a tad, myself, to explain how this might have happened. First of all we have a series of systems within us (speaking in a classical reality way) that protect us, design us, preserve our ways, generate random patterns and happenstance for our lives and probably some others that I can’t think of right now. Previously this was referred to as subconscious but that word is not inclusive enough or powerful enough to describe these systems. These are the very things that make us what we are and I would suggest transcend death so that we are always human and always developing in refined ways but then this part is partially a wild guess but hear me out. In death (right after you cease function) I suspect that you just lie there tingling in Extacy because you have lost all of your fears and your mind is still fully active and your body no longer has any pain but I imagine that there is nothing more than some beautiful sounds, perhaps pleasant odor and perhaps again, bright light. Your mind has no idea what to expect and is experiencing this for the billionth time but you have forgotten all the other times and the rushes of beautiful feeling just keep undulating through your Sphere that used to be your body. This probably helps you forget the travails, pain, doubt, fear, etc, etc that once was your life and you return to your native being. As we have learned through the use of Salvia your native being has no form, experiences no gravity but is fully able to hear sound and see whatever it wants. Regarding the creation of what you see, I have visited the fiery wall of sight and I know this first hand. There is a point when one falls asleep that the darkness that you see prior to this transition gives way through a sudden loss of memory and consciousness to a wall of fire (or what looks like one) and this can form into any dream view. It happens so quickly that you would just naturally miss it. As mentioned you will notice, if you study such things, that there is a sudden onset of forgetfulness prior to actually falling asleep so this contributes to your missing this phenomenon. I’ve seen it on a few occasions and it only happens for an instant until there is a recognizable view and you are well launched into a dream but then I digress. Since your mind in many cases is fully cognizant in death or would become so even if you had alzheimer’s (again I’m guessing) since it cannot be shut off as it isn’t made of anything that has this ability, you would probably enjoy this ecstatic state for as long as you could stand it. Meanwhile your relatives and friends would all be running around mourning your passing here on earth and you would be in a form of heaven but without a god, unless you were to imagine one, but I doubt that.

These Paragraphs may contain Considerable Conjecture

As your need for this euphoric state passed and it might take a considerable time but remember that time is an imagined thing and quite elastic. It has nothing to do with the tick of a clock so to talk about time after death is a moot point but to you it might be important because your life’s memories must fade like a dream and your mind, still fully functioning would eventually become pristine. (how do you like being dead so far?) Naturally you will seek another as you need company and guidance in your rebirth but you would not do this consciously as your mind is a clean slate with nothing more than these hidden systems that are deeply ingrained in your being from countless reincarnations. In the light or darkness you will see something that seems to move independently and makes soothing sounds that also seem independent of your thought. You are in the throws of creating your Mother. Your relationship to her is something that is common to all animals, save a few exceptions. They see and hear the nurturing sounds of a protector that is only there for you but you are becoming a baby and again time has no meaning and could take centuries or seconds by comparison to our time but again that means nothing intelligible. This light takes on a wide darker area as you grow, and they become the eyes and a third below them that makes the wonderful sounds eventually becomes a mouth. (pardon me as I wipe a tear, this is very emotional) I suspect that even in this early stage there is a need for the apparent binocular vision thus the two eyes. We need them to give that which we see some apparent depth and I propose that deep inside our makeup these protective and creative systems lurk and our humanness is locked in. Perhaps not, perhaps we could come back as Oriental and Indian beliefs state; an animal or bird but much of what I have said would still apply. As the Baby designs his/her mother, in the world of the Mother she would already have given birth and the Extacy period would be akin to being in the womb but to my mind there need not be any consideration of this since these things would represent difficulty to the freshly cleaned mind and I cannot see any way that there would be any experience necessary or possible short of forming the face of the Mother as the first experience of the new life.

The baby would be creating the Mother out of the pristine powers of new life, not the other way around. She (if she were a girl, and it is unknown when she would decide this) would develop the face of her mother and be the mind that in fact is creating herself since she would eventually realize that she was a person too and either become similar to her mother in appearance and manner or not, and to any degree in between. When she wanted to reach out and have contact with her new friend she would only have one hand and arm but as time passed she would need the service of a second and since those would be quite sufficient she would have no need of a third that would account for our dual arms. The baby would be designing her arms and hands from her perspective of a need to touch and become tactile to enhance her abilities of seeing and hearing as she was designing the appearance of her own hands she would be designing her mothers as well or perhaps paterning after them and eventually be able to feel her mothers touch through this mechanism. From the mothers perspective she would be doing all the things that a mother does but the outward appearance of the child would be caused by the baby itself. As time wore on the baby would need legs and feet to walk and the obvious need for two and not one or three would be quite apparent. So this is how and who designs us unless, of course, I’m mistaken, but then I’ll never know.

Namron Soar