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~ Preface ~

~ Publication day Feb 01, 2009 by Oh-1 Digital Press ~

This marks the end of the (previoUS admin) and no more appropriate time for a reflection on what we are and what democracy is. This is an offshoot of what a hippy produced when he decided to begin his own University in the digital free world of cyberspace. He called it the Institute of Non-Theoretical Science (INTS) and made no attempt to register it with the establishment but if you Google many of the things it represents such as Figmentalism, The Laws of Reality or the writings of Namron Soar you come up with the digital institute and that’s really all that counts these days.

9/11 and the travesties of Martin Luther King and JFK are a sore spot that will require some healing in the future and make no doubt we will eventually have to deal with these things and our history books will have to be corrected because we realize now that the topics are an unbroken series of lies perpetrated by the powers that subverted democracy.

This is written under the pen name of Namron Soar which is my Father’s name spelled backwards (Norman = Namron) and my Grandmother’s maiden name misspelled backwards (Ross = Soar). I was born Aug 11, 1943 and have been working on these things for my entire life beginning perhaps when I turned 20 and completing the `Laws of Reality’ after the age of 60. The book begins by explaining in a rather complex way what we really are and then breaks into a combination of that and modern social comment about the middle of chapter three. This is the unabridged copy and contains some minor swears (online copy only) and other information that will be removed for the educational copy.

If you are a publisher and are interested in printing this or any other of my work please contact me. This book is called Omen-Owen, a moderate way, in case you have difficulty reading my cover. All pages have a `Print’ copy that use a white background for those that do not like reverse pages and the entire book can be navigated this way from here or any chapter. Click link at bottom to go to the next chapter either in plain or color. The fractal pictures are public domain or produced and modified by me. There is no charge for the digital copy of the book and no requirement or restriction placed on it’s reuse. All is public domain and no credit is required for quotation. Please notify me if you find any errors.

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