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~ The future of Consciousness ~ ID 2021 May 22, 2008 ~ Chapter 8 ~ Oh 1 Digital Press

So what could be said about this new perspective if everything really was the`Matrix’ and our minds control what exists? Well this aspect is frightening to me and I tend to be very conservative and revel in the safety of boredom and security. People would have to become accustomed to the idea and probably on a large scale as well before they could develop any real control over experience.

Many Eastern religions have understood this for hundreds of years but perhaps not on the scale that is now discovered and from what I can understand in the translations, one had to have a guru or teacher to eventually become enlightened and it took a considerable time. Seems to me that all you would have to say is "Everything is imaginary so try to get used to that" and the teaching part would be done. Trouble is people laugh when I say that and western civilization is just not tuned to any possibilities of actual enlightenment because they are so convinced of material reality and not open to even a discussion of this nature. I myself have understood that all of reality is imaginary for about five years but changes are very slow to take place and controlling what occurs in reality is just as hard as it is in dreamland except in a dream you are not aware that you are dreaming so attempting to control it is more difficult. I realize that occasionally one has a dream in which one is aware that one is asleep and then controlling it is easier so possibly that would be the case when we become accustomed to this new potential.

There are a variety of what I refer to as random generators that operate within the daily routine. The cloud patterns and the weather and the waves on the lake are all controlled by these generators. For a number of years I used hallucinogens to experiment with mind control and could never really explain why cloud patterns would go into the strangest forms resembling paisley or fern. There was also no explanation as to the reason you could watch the second hand on clocks stop or reverse or watch water run from the bathtub back up the spout and of course no one would believe you unless they happened to be taking part in your trip using the same acid or mushrooms. Mass hallucinations were always very interesting. Once we were sitting in a kitchen that had dark green and light gray tile in a checkerboard pattern and each tile was about one foot square. There were about six of us sitting on this floor and someone noticed that the gray ones had turned into clouds and you had to sit on the green ones to keep from falling through. Naturally no one fell through but one of our number pissed himself because of the fear generated. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things on acid and now years later I can see how it worked. We have always had the ability to see anything we want to but deliberately keep ourselves in the dull and boring area for the sake of safety and longevity.

I once took a ride in my Lotus that I will never forget. It was impossible for me to explain it to myself at the time and I wrote the experience out twice, sending one copy to my Dad to see if he had any idea of what had happened. This took place in BC in Ladner or at least it began there and after it was over I wound up in a cell having been arrested. When I was released the next morning I asked the officer that was checking me out where my car was and he said I didn’t have one. I walked home fully aware of what had happened the night before because I had made a deliberate point of remembering it and fully observing it as it occurred and that morning as I walked I thought that my car was lost in another dimension somewhere. I was happy to find my family and home fully duplicated in this dimension and went for three days before I finally called the local wreckers yard to see if indeed there was a Lotus on their lot. There was and my dimension shift thing was over but up until recently I have lived with this experience, told many people about it but was never able to explain it.

It started out like a typical night for me. I had some acid that was well recommended and was fit for a good trip. I’ve always been a jogger and exercise freak and a general health nut and it has done me good service many times when I have been close to death. This was no exception to that rule but a death that I had not seen even a hint of before. I dropped about three quarters of a hit and had waited till I was getting off pretty good and controlling the stone. It was probably around ten o’clock when I decided to get into the Europa and go for a ride to visit friends in Vancouver. I hid some small portions of the acid (blotter) in the ashes around my ashtray and don’t remember if I took more of it or not. I usually required about two hits altogether to get off and may have taken more as I drove but just can’t recall. I do remember that I stopped at a friends just before I got on the highway and helped him finish two or three fingers of Southern Comfort. I went back outside and got in the car and headed for the highway and the cloverleaf that would take me into Van but as I found out the following day I missed the turn and headed west parallel with the US but in Canada along the highway that goes to English Bay. Obviously if I missed a turn something serious had happened to my thinking system because I was very experienced at being stoned on hallucinogens, operating vehicles or interacting with people. This thing snuck up on me or was shoe horned into place by the two or three ounces of alcohol and as I went down the highway time began to be perceived at a different rate. Acid is not like alcohol and you can drink like a fish on it and never feel any drunkenness at all. Your awareness goes through the roof and your senses become heightened, not deteriorated and what I was sensing in my car was not like anything I had ever seen before. I first noticed that the car felt like it was on rails. The vehicles that were behind me were far back and staying there. I checked this to try to calculate if I was traveling too fast or too slow. The relationship of the gauges didn’t have any meaning for me and the controls seemed sluggish and when I attempted to slow down or speed up there was no response. The steering was also not responding and I did check. I then looked forward at the traffic in the oncoming lane and I was on a two lane highway, one going west and the other east. The oncoming traffic was not getting any closer either so it meant that my brain had shifted into some kind of slo-mo or a suspension of progress but I seemed to be traveling at an appropriate speed. Since it was on rails and there was zero control I decided to look out the passenger window to see the gravel at the side of the pavement and in the light cast by the headlights and the faint evening light I could see that the gravel looked cartoon-like, repeating patterns again and again. I checked the traffic in the rear and forward again and there was no one passing or approaching, they just appeared to be locked at a distance in their own lane way and it was like experiencing a time-warp.

Driving was not necessary so I decided to gaze at the silhouette of the evergreens that edged the roadway and they too were cartoon-like repeating their pattern as if they had lost all their natural character or my brain was too lazy to create the usual variance. Then I noticed that there were no trees. I turned back to where I thought the roadway was and there was nothing but blackness. I tried to feel the pedals or the steering wheel but I couldn’t and it wasn’t quite the same as sitting in the dark. I had no sensation of arms or legs and had somehow deteriorated to a thinking system with no body, heartbeat, breathing or sound and believe me I did check. My thinking system was intact and I was easily able to grasp the fact that there had been no warning of this but I may have had a fatal accident in the form of a head-on but I didn’t feel that anything like that had happened because there was no sensation of anything cataclysmic, just a simple forgetting of reality and the deep inky black of being bodyless and sightless. I remember thinking that I wanted to get out of this and that I also wanted to remember the whole thing detail for detail but I didn’t really care where I came out of it, into any kind of reality would do. After a considerable time of fretting I noticed some light undulating in a wavy kaleidoscope of multi-colors divided into an untold number of points. I deliberately chose one of the points which were the size of grains of salt and all crowded together in a panel the size of a shoe box about 15 inches away and what I thought was downward. I seemed to be drawn toward the point that I had chosen and flew into it and it enlarged into a circle with fuzzy edges surrounded by pitch black. It was lighter and perhaps 10 inches across with a bar passing through the center of it at an angle. I looked at it for a considerable time disoriented and thinking it was downward from my perspective. Suddenly I realized that the bar was actually the passenger side windshield surround and I was still looking out the side window or at least in that direction. Realizing this I was able to look around my car with this tunnel vision that was slowly increasing in size and I was quite relieved to find that I was indeed alive and the car had been parked quite nicely on the side of the highway. I opened the door and used the patch of vision to find my way to the rear of the car and it was all intact. I stood at the back of the vehicle and could see the red of the lotus and a short portion of chrome bumper in the circle of vision that had increased to about a foot by this time. I took a leak out of relief and noticed the lights in the chrome getting brighter so I put it away to save embarrassment and moved my visionary circle up to see a cruiser pulling up. I was overjoyed to see another human and attempted to throw my arms around the officer but he threw me onto the hood of his vehicle and frisked me. I was damn glad to be home.

All that happened in my early 30’s and I’ve carried that around until I was about 64 before realizing exactly what had occurred. We do have the capacity to control our existence, at least the tools are there but as a sexagenarian straight person now I don’t know how to use them. Many real, small, practical things have changed for me as I mentioned about the bumps and bruises and the ability to find things but I just don’t know what our true potential is given this realization.

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