~~~ This is the Medical Self Help Page for both Women and Men ~~~

To start this page I will just list a few of the topics in no particular order. These will eventually be put in a table and later be categorized as the number increases. This is the INTS disclaimer: Anything that you read on these pages that appears to advise you to do something that you might consider dangerous, you should get another opinion before you try it. Nothing in the Health pages are very unusual or could cause harm if used carefully but remember that your use of this advise is your own responsibility.

Cigarette Smoking ~ For those that have quit smoking so many times that they cannot count, I will tell of my own struggle and how I’m doing now and the disclaimer above applies here. I do like to have a smoke now and then but don’t like the constant need for a nic-fix so I came up with a decent substitute that has no nicotine and costs just the price of rolling tubes, not $3000 per year like cigs. I quit Dec 12, 2007 and about mid 2008 I began to have a strong desire to smoke so I began to search for and try out different substitutes. The commercial ersatz tobaccos still cost a considerable amount and they really didn’t seem to have anything special other than going through the motions of dragging on a cigarette so I decided to try out different dried leaves from my surroundings here in Northern Ontario. The first was the Monkshood leaves that grow in the front yard and you might want to be careful with this stuff because everything but the dried leaves might contain poisonous colloids. I tried these after they dried naturally in the fall a few years earlier and they were quite satisfying as a smoke but in the middle of summer I went through the bushes trying to find something that was dried naturally at that time of year. Fern that appears to be somewhat like Boston Fern, about a yard high has about 5 or 6 dried leaves half way down the stem that are little curly dark brown (that I call fern beard) that might be a built in humidifier for the plant and can be rolled and smoked but they don’t like the rolling machine. Another plant that I have tried previously lives in the back yard as a perennial bush and I will tell you what it’s called when I find the name, but it had cone shaped brown things (seed clusters) where the white blossoms used to be in the summer and they, when crushed look surprisingly like tobacco but when fresh and slightly green taste bitter. So this winter I dried several fern plants and collected as much of the beard as possible, added it to all the cone seed clusters mentioned above and a similar amount of crushed monkshood leaves to make a considerable amount my very own ersatz (fake tobacco). I don’t bother to smoke all the time and quite often miss a day or two but when I have a beer with the boys and they light up, I can pretend I’m smoking and HEY! I really am but no nicotine. It’s about six months after I began this and there is a slight negative effect from smoking as there would be with any type, but overall my health is considerably better than if I was doing cigs all the time. Judge yourself accordingly on this one.

Ginseng ~ First of all I really don’t know what this northern root extract or powder does for women but in men it acts like a natural Viagra but without all the negative side effects like rock hard Johnson’s for hours on end. It’s much milder in that respect and is very good for your lower parts or ’Gonads’ as they used to be called (meaning reproductive innards etc) and has been used for years to increase virility simply by supplying the nutrients required and stimulating the nerves. Don’t take it all the time but rather let it sit on the shelf for a month or two or a week or two and have some when you feel like it. A better sex life is very, very good for your health. I hate to say this but you really don’t need a partner for this one but great if you have one.

Cancer and the Cure ~ No one can help those that are finished with life and subconsciously seeking a way to end it all. If, however you are one that has contracted cancer and really want to cure it then you will need to change your entire way of life and that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet (described elsewhere). Go to your computer and look up health food stores in your area, then go there and begin trying the natural remedies that they offer. My information at this point is that cancer is white and basically only a fungus like a mushroom. The use of nutrients like ’Flax Oil’ will oxygenate your blood so well that the cancer will simply go away as it is oxidized through exercise and the ingested or topical oil. Good luck. This area will be expanded. I know you are used to thinking that you have a physical body but Figmentalism teaches that you really don’t, you only think you have so how can it get sick? Truth is it can’t get ill or die so you really need to fix your mind and that isn’t that easy because you really don’t have one. If all this is confusing then refer to the ’Article Page’ under Figmentalism.


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