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Here at INTS we have come up with our own explanation of everything that largely links together all of humanities knowledge over the millennia. We call it Figmentalism and it isn’t a belief or religion but might be considered such especially when you first hear of it. Many of the world’s old religions realized that life is an illusion and that’s the foundation of what we teach here. This may seem to be a bit of a shock but remember that our theory of matter is modeled on the idea of atoms that are essentially nothing more than the representation of a revolving electron and mostly empty space. Things like tables and floors don’t look like the atomic theorists’ model to the naked eye and there has not been a microscope yet that has actually seen such imagined atomic structure as molecules etc. Let me be quite clear that all of the scientific theories that involve matter or mass or just plain ’things’ are quite incorrect and unproved. The vast majority of the developed world believes that evolution and our origin are related to the planets and stars and we somehow materialized from these and this is even taught in schools as if it had some merit beyond being just another theory.

The old religions such as the Hindu Vedas’ were not written in English and we have to rely on translations made by people that did not always share the sentiment portrayed in these scriptures plus the fact that these religions are not taught to people of other faiths keeping them relatively unknown. Practically all of America and most of Europe treat the modern scientific explanation of reality, namely that matter created us, as a foregone conclusion and ignore the fact that we simply imagine the world we live in, including all the stars and planets. You must realize that although you may have not even heard of such a thing as ’imaginary reality’ it has been taught as a philosophy in highschool and university under the name of ’Idealism’ or ’Solipsism’ throughout history but never referred to as ’fact’ and quite unlike figmentalism. Our school systems generally do not recognize that there is any ’facts’ but the simple sentence ’We exist’ cannot be argued with because you could not dispute your existence if you didn’t exist. Based on this fundamental fact the ’laws of reality’ were developed and are primarily statements describing existence as we know it. The one basic law of reality would be "There is no process other than thought, even memory is an illusion".

Figmentalism for Women and Children is basically just a more comprehensive introduction to a very complex issue that needs to be included in our curriculums and there is no actual difference from that taught generally, except this updated approach and considerably less technical nonsense about string and evolutional theory. You can read all these titles on our ’Figmentalism’ page after this introduction.

There are a number of proofs that I usually refer to, that show that we are not made up of anything except thought and we collectively create the world we live in. The first is the ’dream versus reality conclusion’.. When you are asleep you are convinced that the world that you are in is real and you can even become frightened, but when you awake you realize that you created all the things that were in your dream and you again become convinced that the world that you are in is real. The only difference is the dream was created solely by you and reality is created by us all. Both are only a figment of your imagination.

The second proof is the ’Matter versus nothing statement’.. Matter either exists or it does not. There are only two possibilities and one of those is a ’theory’ therefore the other is fact. Obviously the theory is that of matter consisting of atoms or strings and no theory has come forward to explain their creation in the first place so it’s obviously false. That leaves us with absolute knowledge that nothing can really exist except our appreciation of it.

The third proof is the ’Container Conundrum’.. Beyond the model of the universe that is described by Figmentalism, which is so utterly simple that it is obvious there is really no other model that has ever been described by modern science. The idea that the universe has no edges is unthinkable and also indescribable in any language including mathematics as is the opposite notion that it is contained by some force or has an edge. We actually live in an envelope or globe or ’sphere of reality’ that is apparent as the room we are in or sky that appears above us. There is no actual planets or stars, we just pretend there are.

Unfortunately Figmentalism has something to say about religion and if you are a believer in God or Allah or some other deity you may not want to accept the next bit of information. For the most part men created religion and the male dominated positions at the head of almost all religions show that it is false. Any God would be a god of all, and neither female nor male but both and fortunately that is the case. We are God or Allah and consist of all the animals and fishes and birds, trees, mountains and even the viri that infect your computers. We create all there is by simply imagining it collectively and pretending to be separate from the things we see and other people as well. Where this understanding will lead us in the future is unknown but it might release our imaginations and help us rise above the simple workaday world of drudgery.

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