The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science


These are the tenets of this Institution’s doctrine.

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We will, to the best of our ability, be honest, forthright and pleasant to all persons of all nations regardless of race, color or creed.

We will, to the best of our ability, treat equally both sexes, all orientations and all disabled or able persons.

We will respect the authority of simple Virtue and no other.

We will display no partisanship toward Church, State or Commerce nor harbor any such connection with those.

We will seek the truth for the benefit of all humankind in the spirit of a leaderless discussion.

We will avoid casual or bona-fide affiliation with any entity in order to preserve the truly free nature of this learning institution.

We will invite all to join or contribute in their own way, to this Institute, and bar none for lack of funds, privilege, age or education.

We will engender free thinking and proffer Accolades, to those deserving, based on their past and present acts.

We will have no formal test or grading system to hamper our unanimity.


Our Credo and Prayer only to ourselves is:

Nine Thats/ Credo/ Prayer

i pray

that all be as one

that the two genders be one in love

that they be equal in all ways

that all be equal in all ways

that the earth is respected

that the earth is shared and none or all should want

that all do not war but contest amicably

that our creatures be respected

that our condition be appreciated

Namron Soar -founder