How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Saturday December 4th 2010 ~ Chapter Sixteen ~ Proof document ~ ID 1208

Naturally there might be some skepticism that an online hippy university called the unlikely name of INTS could come up with the definitive way that intellegence functions both with regard to the Physical Brain and the Ethereal Mind but here we will put forth the proofs for this method or system.


is that we (INTS) readily admit weakness or conjecture within the diatribe. There is so much confidence in this system of thought that small amounts of error do not overturn the thrust of the findings. In fact they actually reinforce it. As the tree is one unbroken series of errors yet is in the whole, a perfect tree so is this complete system philosophy.


could be the mentioned completeness of it. Not only is gravity accounted for but also atomic theory and string theory are mated, our origin explained to some extent, our future delineated to a higher degree than any previous postulation. The mystery of the brain and mind solved completely and a great turn in our destiny predicted using this system for the Year 2012.


would be the highly supported fact that Universities and Schools in general worldwide tell of this system in a philosophy they teach historically and currently representing many philosophers possibly right back to Aristotle that is referred to as ’Idealism’. This is the notion that the world is created of ideas and a great number of recent philosophers and people in general espouse this thinking. Their systems, however, are quite incomplete and the most famous of these writings are hampered by the fact that both church and state have always banned this conclusion and caused the historical passages to be tainted by qualification. No recent Idealist has put forth anything as convincing or complete as what we call Figmentalism.


and for the 2012ers the Mayan predictions and philosophy fall right into line with our explanation of the brain. Although many Western and European philosophers and historians try to manipulate the translation from the Mayan tongue by clouding the fact that the first thing the Maya point out is that the world and the universe is all imaginary. Just as the Realists throughout history have had their way with the Idealists, so with Mayan root philosophy.


again the Western and money oriented Europeans have misled the general public by creating the modern religions from nothing, complete with fictitious Godhead’s. Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam thrive on guilt and deceit. The older religions, Buddhism, Shinto, Sikhism, Hinduism and most so called Pagan religions teach that WE are the spirit and the world is illusory.


could be the fact that so few people espouse Ideal/Figmentalism in the more vocal modern civilized world because they have to deal with real things on a daily basis at their work stations and are forced to be these automatons surrounded by hard material reality and servitude. Even those that do understand this non-theoretical system of thought only keep it in the back of their minds and seldom realize that they are not walking on the floor but rather on their own thought process.


and this is quite novel and usually demonstrated by holding up two hands palms up and moving them as in a balance. Physics and Philosophy has to come to grips with the fact that either there is matter or there is not and one of those conditions is a theory and the other is fact. The world refers to the theory of matter therefore the opposite condition is the truth, it’s just that simple. Matter does not exist (matter being an insentient material that purports to exist both when we do and when we do not).


It has been exposed by writers and bloggers that most countries in this world are actually governed by greed and propaganda by the World banking institutions under the direction of an Oligarchy or as Max Keiser would say; a Kleptocracy (Google Him and enjoy hearing the truth for a change (Bless the Web). Their propaganda keeps them in business because a dumbed down populace needs to work so the banks can tax in a hundred different ways to keep their greedy power hungry cycle intact. The people cannot be informed that they are the masters of their own reality and don’t need to work for the system to be guilt free.

Two Missing Models

There is no model for exterior space.. Figmentalism and the laws of reality state: Reality is a globe we are within, not upon. We live in a closed envelope of view, no matter where we are, as opposed to the "Living on the globe of Earth theory" which requires an external reality of open space that has bounds. It’s the ’No Bounds’ part that can sear brain cells because there is just no way of thinking or even speaking of unending space. The very words "No Bounds" have no meaning as a thought. It means exactly the same as ’question mark’ or ’infinite’ (which is not finite or ?).. These are not actual statements and the word "unending" does not even refer to distance, only time so again there is no real way of expressing what is beyond the stars and don’t begin to think space is IN something because that brings us right back to Fig and the laws. So how does it feel to find out that there is no Earth? Still bored? Now you can see why the Church and State of the past were against the ancient religions and persecuted the Idealist philosophers. If we create the reality we live in, who needs the big G? So Priests and Pastors can only advise about morality and mortality without Divine authority.

There is no model of material creation.. Did you know that not only scientific method theories but origin theories as well require the precondition of matter having already been constructed out of the void. Even theology requires that mr G already pre exist, and no talk of a creator for her/him/it. There isn’t much a person can say about this problem if you consider that without matter there would be no need of a space to put it in, so no space. If one is to attempt to show how matter was created of nothing one would be required to show how the space for it was created too. This all gets into the area where the human can’t quite grasp the problem. Exterior space as a concept isn’t even that. The human mind can grasp being on a planet surrounded by stars and other heavenly bodies but beyond that, leaving the whole universe hanging in some unbounded void does not compute and this is never addressed by realists. Realists, by the way do not believe in Reality which is de facto ethereal, they believe in matter and are called Materialists or Realists.

Without these two models being expressed as part of any thesis there is no valid point made by any theory in existence. No Theory can be expressed because of the problems of the impossibly factor when a description of exterior existence upon a real planet is being attempted. So with the matter and the space to put it in missing, material realism cannot be addressed at all.

Reverse Proof from Wikipedia the online Encyclopedia

You could search all night long for an explanation of how the brain works (on your computer that is) and read a multitude of diatribe that tells you of synapses, brain activity and far out theories of brain function but you would wind up with a wide variety of wild guesses and unproved nonsense and very little on how memory works. Or you could go directly to the popular Wikipedia that is a broad consensus of what the worlds scientists agree on as the answer to this question. The information can be edited by anyone who follow the rules outlined on the site but you can’t input information that is not considered proved or as mentioned popular accepted con census. Look it up! Google ’How the Brain works’ and click on the Wiki link and you will find a lot of non-information on what the topography of the brain is and what various scientists have identified as areas responsible for speech, motor activity, sight etc. This tells you nothing. It shows that all brains have things in common and human doctors can put names on common lobes and identify where damage to the brain would limit certain functions but there is not even one word on how it actually works. No one has even the slightest clue as to how a convoluted mass of membrane tissue processes thought and how memory is stored.